Adamu Garbas CROWWE deleted from the Play Store.

The deleted Crowwe app from play store is the same social media app Adamu Garba was encouraging Nigerians to use amidst the government banned on twitter.


Google Deletes Adamu Garba’s CROWWE

Crowwe’s extermination from the Google play store is no shock to us here @Allroundreview or anyone who read our previous article concerning crowwe, you can read about it here.


An extract from the Crowwe article.

Adamu Garba’s IPI Group Limited are the sole creators and owners of the crowwe app.

Many Nigerians have remained skeptical about this very app,

citing the founder> Adamu Garba’s ties to the Buhari led administration as a concern,

that Nigerians privacy and personal data may be compromised.

This has resulted to millions of Nigerians distancing themselves from the self acclaimed twitter alternative for Nigerians *Crowwe app*.

The deletion of the app from play store may have been as a result of Spotify escalating the issue of Crowwe’s infringement on their copyright material which is the Spotify Terms and Conditions.


Crowwe: You should be worried about your privacy.


But for those who are unaware, crowwe is owned by the infamous Adamu Garba, the former APC presidential candidate and current CEO of IPI Group Limited, creators and owners of Crowwe.


Adamu Garba Ceo of Crowwe app.


Also, if you desire an app that is free from spies and selling off your private data to government or private establishment, then look nowhere but at Pocketnet

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