You know how the GPU of a chipset is in charge of the graphic performance of a smartphone and most especially during gaming? Good. What a GPU is to a smartphone, is what AMD’s RX6600 XT graphics card is to a PC.

Welcome to our inside look of the newly Launched AMD RX 6600 XT GPU.


brief info of a computer GPU.

Unlike a mobile phone [for now], the GPU of a computer can be configured by the user during the setting up of their computer.

In today’s tech industry, its no surprise how expensive gadgets have become; no thanks to covid_19 collapsing whatever stability the world economy may have been enjoying.

People who desire gaming PC’s would need to shell out a minimum of $2k just to own a usable gaming PC.

Gaming PCs

But if you have an above average knowledge of the computing world, you can choose to setup your home PC to whatever standard you desire and you won’t have to spend above a reasonable budget.

This is where the external graphic cards [GPUs] like AMD RX 6600XT comes in.

RX6600XT Graphics card


Features and specs of the RX6600XT.

  • The AMD RX6600XT comes with upgrades like AMD RDNA™ 2, which AMD is touting to be a ground breaking tech in the gaming industry.
  • 32mb infinity cache.
  • The AMD RX6600XT also features 8GB GDDR6 [RAM].
  • 32 compute units and accelerators for better graphics handling.
  • Upto 2359mhz game clock speed.
  • The RX6600XT supports 1080p gaming visual processing, providing an amazing graphic quality during gaming.
  • According to AMD on their official page, the RX6600XT is able to produce a stunning Frame Rate of 177 for Resident Evil even at 1080p during game play; amazing right?


Mediatek Helio G96 and G88; supports 108mp, Call & Data Concurrency


Supported output formats of RX6600XT. 

  • HDMI™ 4K Support.
  • 4K H264 Decode
  • 4K H264 Encode
  • H265/HEVC Decode
  • H265/HEVC Encode
  • AV1 Decode



AMD is asking for $379 for the RX6600XT. This pricing will most likely turn the heads of gamers to other options. But, with the ground breaking tech packed inside the RX6600XT, it’s hard to kick against this curb.

And the use of gaming computers for crypto mining hasn’t really helped gamers cause in protesting against the high prices of graphics card of late[GPU].

Also, bear in mind that network computers need these high performance graphics card to function at peak. So the demand for premium Graphics cards almost guarantees AMD will be running out of stock for the RX6600XT soon.

What do you think; is the RX6600XT over priced or its just about right for its specification?

Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us @Allroundreview1.

Until the next one, have a wonderful day.

By zesushv

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