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Augustro Music Player: Floating widget.

Written by zesushv

Music is a very important aspect of life and an important creation when pleasure is desired. Not withstanding, the medium by which it is reproduced and produced does matter a lot.
Welcome to Augustro music player review. Hope you are keeping safe out there?


Augustro music player is a paid app on Google play store, this music player ticks all the basics when it comes to a standard music player app. Augustro doesn’t stop there, the devs of this amazing app takes it a bit further by including a floating widget and a clean user interface to make Augustro a must have music player.


Agustro Review.

Our attention is going to be focused on these areas of Augustro music player.

1. Interface.
2. Audio
3. Themes.
4. Lyrics.
5. Floating widget.


Augustro has a simplistic interface with song, album artist and folders all segmented on the home screen of music player. These lists can be arranged according to preference; I.e songs starting the list or folders ending the list.


Augustro is a music player so audio is a major part of this discussion. Unfortunately, Augustro doesn’t boast much when it comes to audio manipulations. Augustro is pretty basic when it comes to audio. Even certain basic audio features like fader is restricted to only auto changed track, 10 band equaliser and 20 band equalisers are missing here. But you do get a 5 band equaliser which I usually leave off.

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There are few basic tweaks assigned to this section. But nothing to be ecstatic about as these options have just minimal changes to the player and often just turns the background and text from bright to dark or transparent to solid, but I guess it seems like a good feature to have to the devs of Augustro.


Now Augustro shines with embedded music player and would be really nice if the player did support an option to download a song’s missing lyrics inside the app. Because the way Augustro music player displays lyrics of a playing song is just so beautiful and there aren’t many music player with this awesome feature.

Floating Widget.

Okay, this is where it gets pretty interesting and this is by far the one feature that makes Augustro stand out from other music players.
The floating widget of Augustro music player has the basic controls like Next, Prev, plus, play and home to the music player. This floating widget also displays the music timer in a circle-fulling animation, as little as the floating widget appear, the devs managed to crap the now playing song album art into it. This added touch of brilliance on the floating widget, makes for an overall nice looking bubble.

The floating floating widget of Augustro Music player is non-intrusive and can be made to appear anywhere on the screen of your phone. This simple but elegant feature of Augustro music player eradicates the need to leave what you are doing to drag notification down or go into the music player to switch songs or pause an ongoing music.

Floating widget

There is an option to switch the floating widget from light to dark theme; a nice touch too.

Let’s talk about what makes Augustro awesome.

Floating widget.
Simplistic and easy to navigate UI.
Does not drain battery or slow down phone.


Features missing or the no-nos about Augustro.

The notification widget displays wrong timer once you play a song after pausing it for a while.
Does not support crossfade for manual track change.
The equaliser is just a 5 band.

Added Note.

I need to get this out of my chest. Seeing Augustro provides next/prev on the floating widget, the absence of manual crossfade is a huge disappointment. It almost defeats the need to use the floating button for music control because of the absence of a fader for manual track change.

Also, as at the time of posting this. We couldn’t find Augustro Music player for IOS devices. Please do let us if could find it for your apple device.


Additional information from playstore.

Augustro Music player

Before you go, here is a link to Augustro music player which is currently on sale. Do give it a try. I am super convinced you will love tailoring your music through Augustro.

On this note, I must bid you adieu until the next one. Do have a wonderful day ahead.

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