Chingari is India’s alternative to tiktok; the short video social media app.

When you open the app, you notice the distinctive orange and purple colors which makes chingari user interface comforting to the eyes.

Chingari Ui


Chingari has a clean UI, with close-to-no modification settings available to the user.

But, instead of  Tiktok’s pattern of operation, where every monetary reward goes to tiktok. The India alternative pays it’s users for their activities on the platform.

No doubt, this is a bid to attract more users to the short video social media platform.


Chingari currencies.

Chingari currencies

Also, Chingari has managed to integrate its own currencies into their app for easy purchase of services on the platform.

See below for the currencies available on chingari.

  • coins
  • Diamond.
  • Chingari cash.


Chingari usage stats.

Chingari was launched in 2018 on the android store, and has over 10m+ Google play store downloads and a 4.5 star rating.



Bitclout: The bitcoin of social media and a $10 gift.



Chingari X crypto.

The India short video platform is taking its currency [Gari] to the crypto blockchain to make it a decentralised currency.

Gari cryptocurrency


What does this mean?  Instead of converting your earned chingari cash to fiat money on short video platforms, after the launch of Gari, there will be a use-case were your gari can be converted to chigari tokens/coins.


To Give chingari a try, download the tiktok alternative through this link.

If you would like to signup for the whitelisting of the incoming Gari cryptocurrency, you can do so via this link.


Added note.

  • You have to signup on chingari to get your unique chingari username, before signing up for the chigari cryptocurrency Whitelisting.
  • When you use the above links for signup, the team/publisher of the specific content may earn a small token for using the above link[s].
  • This in no way affect your earnings or reward, this is a ‘thank you’ from the company to allroundreview, partners[you] and its subsidiaries.

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Until the next one, do have a wonderful day.

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