Konami is bringing the legendary Contra to mobile platforms.

For those who may not know, Contra is a shooting game that is flavored with action packed activities.

There are two main characters in then Contra; Bill and Lance, their task is to kill as many aliens and bosses, to keep earth safe from an alien invasion.


Mortal Kombat: All I did was enjoy playing the game.


Though there have been a lot of similar games to Konami’s Contra on the Google play store, none has really lived up to expectations.


Konami teams up with game maker TIMI for Contra Returns.

With Konami and TIMI teaming up to bring the famous Contra to mobile platforms, its certainly going to be some joy to kick alien butts once again with Lance and Bill on this exciting new game; Contra Returns.


Konami rightly named this: Contra Returns.

Contra Returns.

Pre-registration is already on going for interested players on the Apple and Android store, so if you are interested, register through this link.


What to expect from Konami’s Contra Return Gameplay.

Konami is promising the same Contra feel, better animation, graphics,

Bill, Contra

multiplayer support and numerous weapons to choose from,

Contra weapon

and player customization.

Contra Returns


Check out this short video posted on Konami Contra Returns Facebook page


Kindly follow the team on twitter for more tech updates.

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