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App Review

Fontboard keyboard: let’s get you fontifined.

fontboard keyboard
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Writing can be fun. Yes, typing can be styled too.
It doesn’t have to be plain and usual. Writing can be taking to a whole new typing level.
Welcome to another detailed review of another unique app.

Well before we dive into it, how are you and your loved ones in this trying times? Hope you are indoor and keeping safe.
No need to be in a hurry to go out if its not announced to be safe out there. You are important, staying alive is paramount.
That said,
Lets get into it.

Very few persons would engage in playful font typing, not everyone will find it interesting. But these shortcomings are a result of not knowing when or how to apply fancy typing to your writing.
If you are in a public chat room or sending a formal message to a colleague, typing with a stylish font might make the conversation weird. But if you take it a tad further and it’s a social media discussion, then showing your stylish typing becomes relevant.

On this note, welcome to fontboard keyboard review.
See what I did there? “on this note” you know; mentioning note, which is necessary for writing when we are about to discuss about a writing tool.. Never mind, sounded better in my head than in writing.
When you open fontboard for the first time you are greeted with the screen as seen below.

fontboard keyboard

You have to appreciate the work and effort put into this keyboard. So many fancy fonts to type with.
Say no to boring typing or as usual form of conversation, with fontboard, you can have fun while typing.
Fontboard keyboard is free on play store, but does have in app purchase options.

fontboard keyboard

The keyboard coming free, is not entirely free as it comes with ads and has limitations on what a free user has access to. A lot of fonts are locked until you become a premium user.

fontboard keyboard

Also there is an option to download an additional app to allow you access to more fonts, which is great if you can forget about the extra app bringing extra ads to your table.
Nonetheless, the free fonts can easily get the job done. Personally I am disappointed at the way these apps are allowed to have both restrictions and then still push ads to users.

fontboard keyboardAt least, either have premium service locked without showing ads, or show ads but have the premium service accessible to users. Having both premium service locked and ads showing is plain wrong. Users are already paying for the premium service by seeing ads on their screen, so why have the premium features locked?

Got an answer to do this my nagging question? Please leave us a comment below.

Well, moving away from that. Font board keyboard is not your normal keyboard. Other than the option of typing in different styles, it’s quite difficult to type with it.fontboard keyboard

Incidentally, i only use it to type short words not an entire discussion or while having a conversation.
This can be a problem if you want to showoff and at the same time maintain uniformity in typing.
Going into the keyboard, there is little to no form of customization available, even when the word “customization” is vividly written on the keyboard shortcut, it’s basically useless or none existent.

­fontboard keyboard

How to use fontboard.
After installing the app, you go through the option of enabling the keyboard and then choosing it as your default keyboard.
It’s not intrusive and I never had any problems while using the app.


  • It’s good to do that fancy typing with if you are that kind of person, which I am. My twitter name already has fontboard to thank for the customization.

premium service

  • No form of customization when it comes to how the keyboard looks, so it’s just there.
  • Not easy to type with as the keyboard design seems congested.
  • Poor ui, which is surprising seeing the latest update was for the ui specifically, one has to wonder how it looked before, if this is an improvement.

My take.
Okay, enough said. Can you do without fontboard keyboard? My answer is yes, but should you do without this keyboard? My answer is 𝓷𝓸, it’s interesting and fascinating to stand out of the writing crowd once in a while. And fontboard got you ¢σνєяє∂ in that regards.


premium service

You can get the app from Google Play store here


That is it from us here, until the next one. 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓮ℛℰᏉⅈℰᗯՏℱႮℒℒℽ Zesushv.

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