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FONTSTYPE: An attempt to merge two keyboard into one app.

Written by zesushv

Not quite long ago I reviewed a keyboard capable of changing your typing font into some really artistic fancy ones.
That keyboard had a lot of shortcomings, one of these shortcomings was the unavailability of most of the fonts despite displaying ads to free users.
Well today, I have something better and a more convenient typing keyboard and user friendly.
Greetings and welcome to another interesting app review from me.

I won’t be making any reference to the previous keyboard because this new keyboard is everything the previous wasn’t.

Let’s jump to the main features of this keyboard.
FontsType keyboard has so many fonts and interesting features. Despite its main feature being a keyboard with different font styles, it’s doesn’t fall too far from traditional keyboard as it aims to bring all the main keyboard features into one app.

Unlike most font typing keyboard that either changes the font on typing board or don’t, FontsType gives you the option to either enable the font you are typing with to be the same font on the keyboard or to just have a normal keyfont on the keyboard while the typing font changes.

Personally I like my keyfont to be my typing font, but it’s a good feeling to have knowing I can switch my option whenever I want.

Also, FontsType comes with a few additional themes for that extra look.

Why these features sounds and feels really nice, there is something that makes FontsType keyboard standout for me.
Though the keyboard supports in app ads, that is, when you open the app, you will find ads, but there is no ads on the keyboard during typing.
The devs added a premium-ads feature like I want to call it, were you can unlock any font if you view a video ads.
This is an awesome feature, as after watching a video ads, the font stays unlocked for 30days.
Though I would have loved the font to remain unlocked forever, its still an awesome option to have.
Also, if the 30 days expires, you can always rewatch ads to unlock locked fonts.
These method also applies to other premium features of FontsType, virtually every feature is free as enabled by ads.

There are a few bugs though.
Like when you attempt to access the settings on the keyboard during use, nothing happens. This is obviously a bug, as the dev couldn’t have added a settings option only to have it not accessible.
Going to the main app does give you access to the keyboard settings, but going through the keyboard to settings would have been much easier.

FontsType aims to completely replace your traditional keyboard app. But there are few aspects were it fails.

1. No word suggestion.
2. No prediction.
3. No resize option for one handmode despite having a resize option that just reduces the keyboard from big to small etc.

So far, FontsType keyboard app is the best option when it comes to using a stylish font keyboard as your main keyboard.

From awesome fonts,
To beautifully well made themes,
To useful features and adjustable settings; FontsType keyboard proves there is a possibility of traditional keyboard app combined with a font changing keyboard is not far from reach.

Since we are on this path.
My idea font typing keyboard app will be a keyboard with everything from FontsType added to everything on SwiftKey keyboard.
This keyboard will probably be named PERFONT Keyboard.
Perfect and Font keyboard mixed together



Font typing or stylish typing is not for everyone, so don’t try to impress the crowd. If you happen to find an opportunity to use stylish fonts for typing or writing, FontsType keyboard is your best buddy.

To download FONTSTYPE Keyboard from play store, please click the link below.

There you have it. My full review of the FontsType keyboard app. Until the next one, do have a blessed day ##zesushv##

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