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Gboard emoji kitchen – create a sticker with two emoji combo

Written by Matrix

Gboard is Google’s keyboard on android and emoji kitchen has been around for some time now

tap on any emoji from your keyboard (gboard) and Emoji Kitchen will create and display several stickers designed by google itself

Not long ago the emoji kitchen got another update that lets you create stickers based on a combination of two emoji on the go

So basically select any two smiley emoji of your choice and wait for emoji kitchen to do its magic and present a combination of both emojis to you like a sticker



A moon + a monkey gives you a monkey sitting on the moon, some are hilarious but cool to find and use

As you might have thought not all emojis will work or bring up a result, but most of the frequently used ones do and many more might come up with a new update

cool right, I can already imagine and see scenarios where people will use these

So just play around to find more emoji combinations you like and share with your friends. It’s widely available to beta users on Android

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