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Gboard testing a new one tap clipboard suggestion

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Google is testing a future everyone will love, a one tap clipboard suggestion.

On my device recently a new clipboard feature pops out when something new has been copied to the clipboard, this enables you to immediately paste whatever you have copied without having to long press to get the paste option on any text entry space as it is traditionally on Android.

This will significantly reduce the latency in a typing job where you have to copy and paste a lot. As seen in the screenshot below, this clipboard suggestion takes the area of the gboard shortcut / feature buttons like, float, translate, text editor and settings etc. this happens only when something new has been copied for that easy one tap paste.

Clicking on the clipboard suggestion pastes whatever is on the clipboard on any text entry space you’re on.
there are other keyboards to have offered this feature for a while now, like the Swiftkey keyboard and iOS default keyboard it’s nice to finally have it on my frequently most used Google keyboard

unfortunately for me when copying passwords, the the passwords are not hidden with asterisks or dots on the clipboard suggestion field, this could be bad in most situations if you’re not alone or in a private place when dealing with your passwords, hopefully we get to see changes in a future update

For now the clipboard suggestion future is not been rolled out to everyone, as it is been activated from server side by Google to specific devices and users, hopefully in the Future it gets to be roll out to every Android user out there to enjoy this Future too.

This was gotten from the latest gboard beta version
to enroll for the beta testing use the link below


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