When you open HalloApp the first thing you notice is its simplistic design and minimalist UI.

HalloApp UI


Hello everyone, welcome to Allroundreview. Today we will be discussing about HalloApp.


Introduction to HalloApp.

HalloApp is a social media platform with the aim of keeping a conversation between persons or group, private.

In recent years, conversations between parties on social media platforms have become unsecured due to hacks, platforms selling users details and conversations to advertising agencies.

One guilty party of such actions is Facebook. Facebook has appeared in numerous court cases over user privacy infringement. Sadly that has not stopped users data leakage on Facebook.

HalloApp Messenger is hoping to eradicate such breach of agreement between user and provider, by giving you a platform that is truly end-to-end chat encrypted.

HalloApp chat

How true is the end-to-end encryption of HalloApp?

Well, the minds behind Whatsapp Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue, are also the brains behind Hallo App. Whether this is going to be an advantage or disadvantage to Hallo App in future, is yet uncertain.


HalloApp signup and Usage.

Basically, you need your phone number and name to signup on HalloApp. Which is similar to the requirement of WhatsApp, telegram or Signal.

Hallo is currently available on Android and IOS platforms, you can download the app through this link.

Hallo Messenger has the Facebook wall feature where users can post their thoughts and ideas for their contacts to see.

Wall posts disappear after 30days.


Pocketnet: No need for credentials to signup


Instead of having a separate app for chatting and posting. Unlike Facebook and WhatsApp, Hallo has its messenging and posting feature in one app, making Hallo messenger Facebook and WhatsApp in a single app, despite the app being just 5mb in size.

Hallo only allows sending of pictures for now, and sadly doesn’t support any form of video or voice calling.

If you are interested in joining this social media app, please keep your expectations low, HalloApp is still very young and promising.

So far, using Hallo for chatting has been without any glitch, but this might be as a result of having just a contact on the platform.

Additional information.
You can request your data from HalloApp or delete your account whenever you choose.

Features to expect on HalloApp in future.

Video and Voice calling is a necessity in today’s social media platforms we expect these features to arrive on HalloApp in the nearest future.

Hallo is promising no ads on their platform, but are going to monetize certain features of the app. We think features like file sharing, secret chat, editing and group calling might come with a price tag.

What do you think? Does HalloApp stand a chance with it’s limited features in a world where social media platforms like Facebook, telegram, WhatsApp and Uhive already dominate?

Lets us know what you think in the comment section or tweet us at Allroundreview1.

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