A match 3 game is a game of strategy, Harry Potter puzzle and Spells is no different.

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HARRY POTTER Puzzles and Spells.

For an instance, candy crush is the complete package. From graphics, to quest, to user interface and accessibility; candy crush games has no rival.

Left to right. Candy crush saga and candy crush jelly.

For years, candy crush has held this position without any contest.

I actually did register for HPPS [Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells] so I am one of the very first players who downloaded Harry Potter puzzle and Spells when the game became available on Google play store.

From the moment I saw an advert of Harry Potter puzzle and Spells on the Google play store, I knew I had to try it.

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The Review.

On first launch of the game. You will notice an interesting setup preparing you for an innovative experience, a huge surge away from the boring 3 match making experience you might be used to. An expectation that can only be dreamed of until now.

Harry Potter puzzle and Spells
Loading screen

Getting into the game mode proper. The homepage, the puzzle board and setting page all have very well thought out design. You could literally feel like they asked everyone a question on what their choice would be in terms of layouts, and the most requested design gave birth to this current look.

Interactive UI
Well made UI

You will have no dissatisfaction as regards to the look of this game. Everything is where it should be. Setting, userID to profile image design are all well made.

Game play.

If I told you in a match 3 game, there would be dragons, magical frogs and cats; would you believe me?

Those aforementioned creatures are for a fact here.

Are you a fan of HARRY POTTER?
Please don’t download this game [wink], otherwise it’s an instant addiction.
Every character that featured in the Harry Potter’s movie is here.

To flabbergast you, these characters appear with different tasks or to boost your chances of completing a puzzle.

Harry Potter puzzle and Spells is tailored to dethrone Candy crush in my heart. WB is now a brand in game making, everyone in the mobile gaming industry should be taking them real serious.

How do you turn a match 3 game into an amazing world of wizardry?

Zynga a co-developer of Harry Potter puzzles and Spells has HPPS on their website for download and the Google play link clearly states “zyngas-harry-potter-puzzles-&-Spells”.

makers of HPPS.

Thank you WB, Thank you Zynga.

Moving on. There are certain stages on this game that can be frustrating.

I say make I let you know say the game get some wahala task.


Currently at stage 381.

Few of the obstacles I have faced has been trolls, frogs and barrel of spilled oil.


In a match 3 game, matching 3 colours together takes those matched colors off the board, this rule applies to Harry Potter puzzle and Spells too. And also, different magic are released when you match 4[lightening], 5[bomb] and 6[portion bag] colours together when playing Harry Potter puzzle and Spells.


The club feature of HPPS is a perfectly executed plan.

Club feature allows members of a club the opportunity to monitor each others growth. With club feature, no accusation of hacking or cheating will go unnoticed. Imagine if this feature was available on Mortal Kombat Mobile from the beginning?.


Fellow club members would have been contacted and the authenticity of my account validated. Moving on.

Club feature makes it possible for to request for lives from your fellow club members. Cool yeah?



  • Awesome user interface.
  • Brilliant magic and portions to summon to help make each gaming task a pleasure.
  • A wide range of characters and helping animals to spice up the gaming experience.
  • With data sync, progress is never lost.



  • After completing a quest, you can’t replay that quest.



I had hopes of covering every aspect of Harry Potter puzzle and Spells in this review, Do let me know in the comment below if I left any integral part out and what you think about this game.

To download HPPS from the Google play store, click on this link below.

I remain Yours Reviewsfuly, ZESUsHV signing you on to a wonderful day.


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