For Starters: Few things I want you to understand. Idea notes is a good app, yes. But so many supposed free options are not so free, the good thing though is, this dev understands my logic on how apps should be billed. There is no single ads on this app, so yeah. That is an already guaranteed 1 one star from me.

Having to contend with ads is a huge turn off for me when considering an app, I often prefer a less feature app without ads to an app filled with features but has an ads paradise to trouble me by. The one that really gets on my nerves is when an app with ads also has a premium purchase option not to eradicate only the ads, but to also open features that have been locked.. How annoying can that be?

My rants as regards to this constant issue is getting high. I will do well to contact Google on the matter before I get depressed.

Moving on. Idea notes is really nice, I have tried a floating note app before, but years ago and though that particular app was what I was in search for in the app store, Idea note hasn’t disappointed me so far.

Edited [Found the floating note app, Hover Note. It’s a much better app than Idea not in almost every area, the only advantages Idea Note holds over Hover Note is Idea note gets updated frequently, compared to hover note which got updated last in 2018 which is 2years ago now. Also Idea note has a cloud save, hover note doesn’t.

Where as, customization, floating widget resize and so much more features are well drafted in Hover note but sadly missing in Idea note]. Obviously, one of the major feature of the app that makes me opt for it even when I have a great notes taking app in color note, is the floating feature which ColorNote does not have.

Will I have installed idea note app if color note has a floating option or hover note was still getting support from its devs?

A resounding NO.
Everything you get on a free and without strings attached on ColorNote, is locked on idea note app; so much so the option to lock your typed note which is a free option on ColorNote is locked on idea note.

Even the color option/themes is also unavailable to free users on idea note, a difficulty you won’t face while using ColorNote. Which surges the question to a high level; Would anyone want to install idea note when ColorNote is already available?
Well. Ever had an instantaneous idea that just unleashes in your mind while watching a movie or playing a game?

A second of dashing out of the app could wipe that thought from your mind, this is where idea note comes in. You don’t have to leave or stop what you are doing, a simple swipe out, your notepad is write [right] where you need it, amazing right[write]?

You don’t have to tell me, the floating feature is definitely giving idea note a huge advantage over other note taking apps.

Is this the only feature on the app?
Of course not, the app has a few more features like note syncing to cloud, it allows you to even add image to your typing and you get the opportunity to sync this added images along with your notes.

There is also an option to use voice notes to type which can be very useful, if you are doing a video or vlog review and don’t want to keep rewinding the playback to get your used words back: While you are making the video, your words are being noted down by idea note, when you are done; instead of writing a note on the video footage separately. You already did while making the video thanks to idea note. [This feature wasn’t tested by me as at when typing this, will do a follow up if I find any different to what was written].

Customization and features.
There are a few customization features available on the app. Let me go ahead and list them.
There are 6 themes on the app, one is default, one is free, the other four are paid.
Option to choose where the floating note sidebar stays and how it reacts.
Other than syncing your notes online, there is an option to also save notes offline. Which is really nice.

If you go premium.

  • Option for more themes.
  • Option to change default note card.
  • Option to email a note to a group.
  • Option to lock your written note for private access.

Yep that is about it.

What makes the idea note worthy of your beautiful time.
It floats. Yes, this simple feature makes the app so easy and very useful for typing.
Option of syncing typed words.
It’s quite smooth to work with, it also let’s you add image to your typed work. It has support for themes too.

Why you may not want to try this beautiful app.
No option to resize typing floating widget.
Very few themes themes are available and no option to customize your own theme.
No option to change typing fonts or to resize it.
No option to reduce opacity of the typing background should one want to see through the typing sheet.

My stand.
Should you consider this not app?
Of course. It’s a good writing buddy you will enjoy using it. And if you go premium, you won’t be making a mistake. The app is well worth it.

Added information.

To download the app via the Google play store, click here.

By zesushv

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