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App Review

KUDABANK: Here to free you from your bank[s] charges.

Written by zesushv

One of the biggest problem globally and currently is coronavirus.
But not certainly the only problem the world has right now.
Another very important issue is “money”. Yep. Money is actually at the centre of every discussion, conflict and even agreement.

There are ways to make money, but there are very few safe ways to spend, monitor and even keep your money. A lot of people will tell you, they rather have their money at home, under their bed than in a bank. Few of these persons have really strong reasons for choosing this route and one major reason is the unsolicited deduction and in most cases, the exorbitant charges that happens when your money is in a bank. 

Now for a typical Nigerian, there isn’t a foreseeable way out… Wait.. Wait. That is until KUDABANK.

Welcome to a different review, a little swig from the usual.

I started using KUDABANK a while ago, if I am being specific, I started using kuda in March during the coronavirus pandemic.
Before coronavirus, ₦10 or even ₦15 deductions happening in my bank account, wasn’t really a problem. But coronavirus made sure that narrative was quickly thrown out the window.

On this path, I had to find a better alternative for my banking needs. Soon enough, a friend introduced me to kuda. Being skeptical about the idea of putting my money in a bank that is so new to me and most especially bearing a seemly weird name to me at that time.


But he did a good job and soon I wanted to try kuda.
The no maintenance fee, no atm card charge and free atm debit card distribution all seemed as though I was in a fantasy dream and waking up wasn’t something I was interested in doing.


Well it’s a reality, and these above mentioned specs are actually available on KUDABANK and more too.

KUDABANK is now switching to mastercard from the previous verve [I can only imagine an endless possibility with this awesome Bank], oh and there is already a loan system being drafted on kuda for most active customers and investors.

As a way of saying thank you; kuda provides a referral system, where if a new user signs up with your referral code you get ₦200 for properly documented registration.


👍Your BVN.
👍Any form of government issued identification card, e.g voters card, national identity card, international passport or driver’s licence.

That’s all, and you are good to go.
Seeing I am the one referring you.
Kindly use my referral O5HFLRGT code when registering, so kuda knows you are coming.


Free atm card.
No need of opening a different account for your savings needs.
Zero maintenance fee.
FREE 25 transfers to other banks.


Here is where all your focus should be.
You get upto 25 free transfers to other banks in a month. Yes, free, not even a 1naira transaction fee.
No maintenance fee.
You know how you keep wondering who your bank sent to come and maintain your atm card that you didn’t see but you got charged for?
Well with KUDABANK you don’t have to worry, because you won’t be charged.


You can be among the very first to own a kuda-mastercard if you hurry up and get your kuda account running, as you can also get a loan deal too if start transacting with your kuda account.

Sorry for the scanty pictures and low quality photos, kuda as at the time of posting this do not allow screen shot in the app.

Basically everyone who is done with being left in the dark whenever a bank charge happens. Anyone who wants to keep their money in a safe place but not have to worry if the figures they left is going to be replaced by unending stories.

Kuda is licensed by the CENTRAL BANK OF Nigeria [CBN], and recently partnered with PIONEER for easier international transactions.

Click on the link below to download kudabank from play store

Or by clicking this link.

You can contact kuda on twitter for more information @kudabank you can also reach us here or on twitter too @Allroundreview1


As a reward for your time, Click this link https://palmpay.page.link/hZ2o to get ₦100 and also your own ₦30k to share. It doesn’t matter if you have gotten before, you can click the link below to get more.


This is a thank you from our own PALMPAY pals, they are gifting ₦30k to as many persons as possible. Ensure you benefit from this offer. Oh and the good thing about this is, you can send your earnings on palmpay to your own bank account, but guess the most intriguing entanglement about this union?
Well no need to stress your beautiful mind, Palmpay supports sending your earned reward to KUDABANK; awesome right?


Well that is it from us here, until the next one… ZESUSHV signing you on to a beautiful day.

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