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Mediatek aim to be the first to manufacture a 4nm chipset.

Written by zesushv

Mediatek aims to topple Snapdragon and Exynos to be the first chipset manufacturer to produce a chip on TMC 4 and 3n nodes.

Recent information and rumours making the rounds suggests that Mediatek is already in talks with major node manufacturer TMC for a 4nm and 3nm nodes.

Bear in mind that recent flagship chipset even the snapdragon 888 was manufactured on the 5nm process, and the mediatek Dimensity 1200 also utilised a 6nm process.

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The leap from mediatek to work on a 4nm and 3nm node, will most assuredly set mediatek apart as a major chip player in the chipset industry.

Mediatek Dimensity 1100 5G

While we are discussing this possibility, please note that neither mediatek nor TMC has made a public statement confirming this information, nor have they issued a date for this chipset launch. Treat this information with light hands.



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