The Dimensity 9000 is the latest flagship chipset from Mediatek.

The Dimensity 9000 was manufactured using TSMC 4nm process. Interestingly, the Dimensity 9000 is the first ready-to-use mobile computing chipset that utilises TSMC 4nm architecture.

Mediatek a Taiwanese company, is known for its affordably priced chipsets. At such, we expect the smartphone market to be flooded with the new Dimensity 9000 chipset in no distant future.


Dimensity 9000

Highlights of the Dimensity 9000.

  • Octa-core 64bit CPU.
  • TSMC 4nm process.
  • Arm Cortex-X2, 3.05GHz.
  • LPDDR5X Memory support.
  • Arm Mali-G710 MC10
  • 180Hz FullHD+ display support.
  • Powerful 9Gpixel/s ISP, simultaneous triple camera 18-bit HDR video recording (three cameras recording with three exposures per frame)
  • 320MP single camera support.
  • World’s 1st Bluetooth 5.3 support in smartphones.
  • 5G Network ready.

With the above specifications of the Mediatek Dimensity 9000, indeed the Dimensity 9000 is the new trend setter to beat.

4years ago, no one would believe you if you said Mediatek will be leading the flagship chipset line in 2021. But thanks to hardwork and perseverance, we are here.

To give you an idea of what Mediatek is bringing to the smartphone computing table, we are comparing the Dimensity 9000 to the Snapdragon 888 flagship chipset from 2020.


SD888 chipset

Highlights of the SD888

  • Octa-core 64bit.
  • TSMC 5nm process.
  • Arm Cortex-X1, 2.84.
  • Adreno™ 660 GPU
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • 200MP single camera support.
  • 4K @ 60 Hz, QHD+ @ 144 Hz display support.
  • Memory Type: LPDDR5
  • 5G network Ready.



Rumour: Tecno first 5G device is a Pova.



Comparison: Dimensity 9000 vs SD888.

When you pitch the Dimensity 9000 side by side with the SD888 [specs size], you can clearly see that Mediatek has taken every area of the Snapdragon’flagship of 2020 and has made a worthy flagship chipset able to compete and even best the Snapdragon 888 in 2021.

The Dimensity 9000 boast of a faster CPU at 3.05GHZ as compared to the SD888 2.84GHZ.

A better and more advanced Bluetooth 5.3 compared to Sd888 Bluetooth 5.2

Also, for photography, the Dimensity 9000 has an amazing support for 320mp single camera device [Xiaomi and Samsung already preparing a 300mp lens for their next device].

Somehow, one would think the Dimensity 9000 belongs to snapdragon lineup, thanks to its amazing hardware configuration.


Availability of Dimensity 9000 chipset.

The Dimensity 9000 was announced few days ago by Mediatek. We expect companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and even Nokia to launch a Dimensity 9000 flagship device before Q2 of 2022.


What do you think about the newly launched Dimensity 9000 flagship chipset, has the chipset earned the tittle ‘flagship’ by your standards? Let us know in the comments section, or tweet us @Allroundreview1 for a follow up.


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