Like it or not, they have become important tools to virtually every aspect of our daily activities. You literally lose money and information when you are without a smartphone.

Today we will be comparing two smartphones from two major players in the smartphone market spotting the same mediatek G95: Infinix Note 10 pro vs Redmi Note 10s.


Brief Info about the brands Infinix and Redmi.

Infinix is a subbrand from the parent company Transission holdings, the parent company of Tecno, Itel and Oraimo.
Infinix is a well known brand in Africa and some parts of India.

Redmi is a brand under Xiaomi, the parent company of Poco and BlackShark.
Xiaomi/Redmi is a well known name to smartphone users around the world.

The infinix note 10 pro is no doubt a major player in the midrange sector, thanks to its Mediatek Helio G95.

The Redmi Note 10s is no pushover either, spotting the same Mediatek G95 and an Amoled display for its midrange price.

These are the basic highlights of each of these devices, so which one should best suit your smartphone needs?

The choice is usually yours, we at Allroundreview will help to make it a little less complicated by stating what and what you should expect from either of these devices.



Lets talk about the specs the Infinix Note 10 Pro and The Redmi Note 10s have in common.

Both the Infinix Note 10 pro and the Redmi Note 10s have the same Mediatek Helio G95 chipset, so they should both offer similar performance in terms of gaming.

These devices run on Android 11 out of the box.

Both devices offer either 6/8gigs of ram depending on the variant you go for.

Rear Camera.

Infinix Note 10 pro rear camera design.

The infinix and Redmi devices comes equipped with a quad camera system with a configuration of 64/8/2/2.

Redmi Note 10s rear camera design.

They also offer the same 5000mah, with a 33watts fast charge support via USB type C interface.

Fingerprint Scanner.
Both devices have their fingerprint placed on the sides.

The infinix note 10 pro does support NFC, but region dependent.
The Redmi note 10s has an NFC variant, depending on your region.

SD card support.
Dedicated micro sd card slot is present on the Infinix and Redmi devices.

Earphone Jack.
Earphone jack is present on both devices.


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Lets talk about where the Infinix and Redmi devices differs in terms of specifications.

Selfie Camera.
16mp front facing camera is present on the infinix note 10 pro.
The Redmi Note 10s has a 13mp front facing camera.

Display size.
The infinix Note Pro is fitted with an IPS 6.95inch display.
The Redmi Note 10s has an amoled 6.44inch display.

Display material.
Infinix note 10 pro has an IPS, FHD display.
The Redmi note 10s has an Amoled, FHD dsiplay.

Pixels Per Inch [PPI]
the infinix has a 387 PPI.
The redmi has a 409 PPI.

Display/Screen protection.
The infinix Note 10 pro has no screen protection material.
The Redmi note 10s comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

Device Protection.
Infinix Note 10 pro has no certified protection.
The Redmi note 10s is dust and splash proof, IP53.

The infinix uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity.
The Redmi has a Bluetooth 5.1.

IR blaster.
The infinix note 10 pro has no Infrared port.
The Redmi note 10s comes with an Infrared port.

External Speakers.
The Infinix note 10 pro has dual speakers.
The Redmi note 10s comes with dual, stereo speakers.

the infinix runs on xos 7.6
The redmi runs on Miui 12.5

GPS connectivity.
The Infinix note 10 pro has A-GPS support.
The Redmi note 10s supports A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BDS.

The infinix note 10 pro has rom variants of 128, 256.
The Redmi note 10s max storage support is 128.

Available Colors.
Infinix note 10 pro has colors like Black, Purple, Nordic Secret
Redmi Note 10s comes in colors like Deep Sea Blue (Ocean Blue), Shadow Black (Onyx Gray), (Frost White) Pebble White.


Infinix Note 10 pro

Infinix note 10 pro comes with a plastic back and frame, the Redmi Note 10s follows similar pattern, except the Redmi Note 10s has a corning gorilla glass 3 protection on the front and its IP53 certified.

The Infinix Note 10 pro is priced at $260, £220, ₦106,000.
The Redmi Note 10s is priced at $225, £190, ₦92,000.



Redmi Note 10s

Having listed all the specs of both devices, it’s clear that the Redmi note 10s is the most featured and suitable device for a daily driver.

The infinix note 10 pro may appeal to those who desire a huge display size for media and gaming consumption, but its difficult to sacrifice other features of the Redmi note 10s just for a bigger screen on the infinix Note 10 pro.

Also, seeing both devices spots the same Mediatek helio G95 12mm, thanks to the smaller screen size of the Redmi Note 10s [Amoled 6.44inch], the Redmi note 10s should offer a better battery performance compared to the infinix note 10 pro [IPS 6.95inch].

Price is also a major factor and the Redmi Note 10s is the least expensive of the duo.

We have come to the end of this comparison between the Infinix Note 10 pro and the Redmi Note 10s. Which would you be going for?

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Until the next one, Zesus here, do have a wonderful day.

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