There are a handful of Mediatek helio G95 powered devices on the smartphone market. The real question is, IS GETTING AN HELIO G95 DEVICE IN 2021 A GOOD BARGAIN?

Mediatek helio G95

The question above can be diced into several parts, and we would be taking an extensive look into these areas.


1. Availability of better options.

Like it or not, certain smartphone market like Nigeria, do not have the options of different smartphone choices like the Chinese smartphone market is greeted with.

Reasons why Nigerians/others don’t have as much options to pick from like the Chinese when purchasing a smartphone are:

A. Import limitation.
An average Nigerian would find importing a device like the Poco F3 to Nigeria an insurmountable task.

Despite the Poco F3 having some mind blowing specs like SD870 5G for an unbelievably affordable price, the fact that the Poco F3 is not available for pickup in major offline stores in Nigeria makes it impossible to get the Poco F3.

B. After sales service.
Realme is a brand every smartphone user has heard about, and most talks involving Realme are for praises.

The Realme GT Neo is a masterpiece in its own class, as a Nigerian, if you are able to import this device to Nigeria for a steal of ₦150-180k, what happens when the device refuses to boot or comes with a crack screen?

You either send the device back to China or you are left with a disappointing pain in your heart, due to the absence of an aftersales service centre for Realme on Nigeria.


Redmi Note 10 pro vs Poco X3 pro: Which is the best buy?


2. Price.

Mediatek has succeeded in establishing themselves as the midrange goto chipset makers, this feat wasn’t archived in a day.

Most Mediatek powered devices are cost-effective and a good buy for their respective market choice.

But that does not mean that every device with a Mediatek chip is affordable or cheap.

Take for instance the newly launched Tecno Phantom X that was launched in Nigeria at a steep price of ₦220k, yet comes powered by the Mediatek Helio G95 chipset.

With such pricing, devices like the Poco F3, Realme GT Neo and The Redmi Note 10 pro are already a preferred option to the Tecno Phantom X for any smartphone user with a good knowledge of choices they have available.

Considering that the Redmi Note 10s with the same Helio G95 sells for less than 120k for its top model which is the 8/128gig variant, the Tecno Phantom X is already looking like it came late to a concluded discussion.

Having brought all these points to the consideration table, let’s talk about the Mediatek Helio G95.


Mediatek helio G95

Helio G95 is G90T with a little nodge forward.

Mediatek Helio G95 is basically an overclocked Helio G90T that debuted on the Redmi Note 8 pro, two generations ago from the Redmi note 10 pro.

The Helio G95 chipset was launched in the second half of 2020, almost a year after the G90T.

Helio G90T

MTK Helio G95 is an Octa-core chipset, with a clock speed of (2×2.05 GHz Cortex-A76 & 6×2.0 GHz Cortex-A55)

Mediatek helio G95 uses the same Mali G76 GPU but with a slight frequency speed of 900mhz over the Helio G90T 800mhz.

With seemly mild performance boost of the Helio G95 over the G90T, certain things remained the same, sadly.


UFS 2.0 vs 2.1 vs 2.2 [Midrange Storage Chip Battle]


The Helio G95 retained the same old UFS 2.1 max support, instead of the latest UFS 2.2 storage chip. Bluetooth 5.0, No 5G, same 12nm node process, which means more heating and lower performance when you play heavy games like PUGB for a long time.



Getting a device in 2021 with the mediatek Helio G95 is not a bad idea, but a poor choice if you have devices with sd730, 732, 720, 678 or the Mediatek Dimensity series with similar or reasonable price difference when compared to a Mediatek helio G95 device.

We hope we have adequately enlightened you as regards to this topic, obviously, the choice is yours if you are going to get an MTK helio G95 powered device in 2021 or not.

Until the next one. Zesushv here. Do have a wonderful day ahead.

By zesushv

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2 months ago

carefully checking the benchmarks

2 months ago

for me everything is not about the processor alone… youve got to get a good and appealing designs outside… good storage too

2 months ago

Lovely writeup. You know your onions