The Mediatek Helio G96 and G88 are follow up chipset that got launched few days ago as successors to the Helio G95 and G88 chipset that got launched last year.

One of the major highlights of the Helio G96 is it supports for a 108mp main camera and UFS 2.2, an improvement from the 64mp and UFS 2.1 of the Helio G95.


Mediatek Helio G96 in details.

Mediatek Helio G96

The mediatek helio G96 apart from supporting a 108mp single camera and UFS 2.2.

The Helio G96 also comes with improved game play and better call and data management during game play.

Fair to say that, the major concentration of mediatek on the helio G96 is on the gameplay and camera department.

MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 Lite gaming technologies helps with improved gaming on the mediatek helio G96.

Helio G96 also comes with an intelligent data and call management [Call & Data Concurrency] that allows users to reject calls without losing data connection during game play.

The mediatek Helio G96 also comes with support for 120Hz FullHD+ displays to provide better scrolling and displaying of content, whether on amoled or ips displays.

A more advance Bluetooth 5.2 rounds up the list of major improvements of the Mediatek Helio G96.


Mediatek Helio G88 in details.

Mediatek helio G88

The Mediatek Helio G88 is an improved version of the Helio G85, and brings improvements to areas of camera and game play.

The Helio G88 comes with support for a main camera of 64mp.

In the display department, the helio G88 also supports 90hz refresh rate for better scrolling and displaying of content.

The G88 also supports smart data and call management that allows users the option of declining calls during game play without affecting data connection.

Notably, the Helio G88 still uses the older eMMc 5.1 for storage and the now outdated Bluetooth 5.0





No doubt these new chipsets from Mediatek, helio G96 and G88 have brought certain improvements in areas previous generation suffered in.

Nonetheless, certain areas have been left as they where.



It’s currently unclear when a device with either of these new Gseries from Mediatek will be seen in a smartphone.

But if we are to predict, we expect to see smartphones from xiaomi, Vivo and others launching with the Mediatek Helio G96 and G88 before the year runs out.

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Until the next one, ZesusHV. Have wonderful week ahead.

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