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MIUI 12 – Best Features

Written by Matrix

Miui is one of Android’s most popular skin, just a few months after introducing miui 11, Xiaomi has just rolled out miui 12, the update is now live in China and both in the global version.


looking at this update one can tell Xiaomi focused on optimization and smoother animation, what are we waiting for let’s get into the details.

The miui 12 update is feature-packed and I think it looks great, the most obvious and big change in MIUI 12 is the refresh UI.

MIUI 12 has a new more visual UI all across and it reminds me a lot of iOS because of the tab titles and the flat UI but I have to say it looks cool.


MIUI 12 Features

Now the first big change is the fact that The notification shade and the quick settings are now separate.

Yes, swipe from the left side brings the notification shade and swipe from the right side brings the control center, yes! they’re even calling it the control center just like iOS! now the animations here and the visual style is cool, but getting used to the separate controls is something else.

but there is an option to turn off the control center and get the old combined notifications.

anyway, this new visual style along with some really cool animations is something that is everywhere, There’s obviously the app opening and closing animation.

Then there’s the new cool-looking storage page, you get such a beautiful visual interface with a really cool animation, now check out this out

Yep. This is cool.

Amazing wallpapers

Wallpapers are not a big update, but when it comes to miui 12 “super wallpapers” you have to talk about them, think about them like live wallpapers from the Google wallpaper app but different and dynamic,


you can select between mars and earth, anytime you unlock or wake your device, you get this swirling 3d animation from the wallpaper that makes locking and unlocking your phone so cool!

And the planet changes to night time whenever you turn on the dark theme, really nice


Meet the gesture bar

Yes, miui 12 uses Android 10 gestures. So you get this big bar at the bottom. And yeah, you get the usual gestures along with the swipe left and right to switch between apps.

However, the whole back gesture to switch between apps that a lot of miui users like is gone. Yep. It’s no longer an option in miui 12

App drawer is born!

Yes, miui launcher is supporting app drawers for the first time! For a skin running on Android one would think it has this feature already, more like following the ios footprints.

Looking at the settings, you now have an option to enable an app drawer, enabling this gives you a very poco launcher type app drawer, which is nice.

To enable the app drawer Just go to Settings -> Home screen -> Home screen to set up the app drawer. There is an option to choose Google discover feed instead of the app on the home screen.

Enjoy multitasking with floating windows

the floating windows are just like what you get on Samsung phones, you can float and resize an app around your screen or over other apps which is really great.

There are three ways to run an app in floating window, You can just swipe up on an app and hold and move the app to the icon that appears at the top right corner to put it in a floating window or you can launch a floating window from the multitasking screen.


Where you get a bunch of apps and you can add your favorite apps there.

Improved dark theme 2.0

There has been a dark mode redesign by Xiaomi with even better fonts than before.

dark mode 2.0 also has the wallpaper dimming feature, which automatically adjusts the wallpaper to a darker one.

There are some new options too like individual apps so you can turn on or off dark mode in certain apps specifically.

There’s also adjust contrast automatically which makes your dark mode in miui 12 adjust colors and lower contrast automatically when brightness is reduced.

A better camera

Miui12 brings a feature pack and modern looking camera. First of all, the miui12 camera has this absent color yellow by default, but you can change that, also all the options on top have a cool new UI.

also only the most used modes are here while the rest are in this more option, obviously, you can customize things to get your favorite Modes out in the open.

But my favorite is the new quick snap mode that you can enable it in the settings, with this, you can take a photo when your phone is locked.

Here’s how it works, just open up the camera and turn of the screen after that press and hold the volume button for a while and it will take the shot with the shutters sounds.

It should be handy when you quickly want to take a picture without unlocking your phone.

Privacy is important

Miui12 also brings some really important privacy features. So there’s a dedicated privacy protection page in the settings and the first tab is permission stats.

You can see the different permissions and you can tap on each one of them to see apps that are taking up that particular permission below.

There’s an all apps button that shows you kind of a list of all the apps you have taken up different permissions. In fact, you can see every single time an app has taken any permission. Very cool.

You can even enable permission notifications here, which will show you an icon on the left side of the status bar when an app accesses the location, camera, or microphone permission.

Another feature from Xiaomi known as mask system, More like a virtual ID which instead of a real personal info, will provide a virtual ID with kind of a blank info to third-party apps, it should prevent an app from tracking your behavior.

Health tracking made better

miui 12 has a new Health app that tracks your steps, workouts, and even your sleep without requiring a fitness tracker. All you need is the phone

It has a sleep tracker too which even detects snoring and talking during sleep, which gets and records your sound through the mic running in the background.

Take calls with AI

This feature is only available for China users, and it is similar to Google screen call. It basically takes your calls and auto-generate response based on what is been heard and interpreted by the AI.

that is it for miui 12 guys if there are anything big changes we missed out leave it in a comment below and tell us what your favorite future is and what you think Xiaomi could have added. Thank you.

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