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Mortal Kombat: All I did was enjoy playing the game.

Written by zesushv

I know how this will look, I know how it will be perceived. I tell you, its everything you think.
You think I am doing this as a result of anger; you are right. I do this because I am pained, you are not far from the truth. I do this so everyone can have a say on what is going on; you are very correct. My aim is to get people’s attention to what is going on, you are not far from the truth either.

My situation is not peculiar or isolated in any way, if anything, its probably happened to hundreds if not thousands of players of this very lovely fighting game.

Give me 20 minutes of your precious time let me amaze you on what happened to me as regards to Mortal Kombat mobile game.

In 2015, I installed a game from the Google playstore because I saw a banner of a well made picture of the Mortal kombat fighters. I am a lover of Sindel’s character, quite strongly so, still disappointed she is yet to join the mobile platform for obvious reasons: okay “full disclosure” like @ELJefeReviews would say, I can’t afford the console platforms yet.

Being a fan of Mortal Kombat movies back then in the 90’s, I went ahead and installed the game which was a little over 1gig of data. Having a 3G device with a poor data service meant it took hours to download the game, opened it once. But wasn’t interested in playing. I couldn’t see the controls of the game on the screen of my infinix hot note pro device. A phone I still have now, though its parts are literally fallen off.

Then my goto games were Asphalt 8 and Candy crush, left subway surfers because I noticed my progress and everything I saved wasn’t being carried over from my then Tecno M3 device, to my Gionee m2 and now to my infinix hot note pro.


I had to abandon subway surfers, I couldn’t bear the pain of losing and starting over and over again.
With that history lesson gone.
I got stuck on a stage in asphalt 8 that needed me to buy a car worth over 2million coins in the game, I couldn’t get there. Candy crush became tedious after continuous playing. I am still playing the game every once in a while though. Well over a thousand stage now.

So I decided then still in 2015 to give Mortal Kombat a try, another run. I
Noticed the controls were swipe and gesture ignited. Played the offline modes only, I never thought it needed data seeing it wasn’t asking for data connection prompt. Played the offline mode till I got stuck at kotal khan boss battle. I decided to google for help, found the Mortal Kombat Community that has been discontinued now. I was able to strategically beat the kotal Khan boss silver battle, I found out that Thunder God raiden challenge had passed, but there was a bone shaper shinnok challenge ongoing, to see all these, I needed my data turned on.

Quickly ran back to my game, turned on data connection and started playing the shinnok challenge. I got stock on the final hard battle. Shinnok was just unleashing xray after xray. I had to skip the battle for 65souls and shinnok was e1.
That was how my amazing journey to the MK drive began, which hopefully hasn’t been cut short.
Had to create an online account with mkm so my progress won’t be lost and so I can also access the faction wars which was an online aspect of the game.

I enjoyed the game so much, I was making master rank on a 1week long faction wars competition with E7 Kano that cost gold koins, Mournful Kitana which I mistakenly fused because I thought she was the same with Assassin Kitana, not knowing they were different variations.

Had time on my side because I barely go out, asthma took its toll on me.

After a while I was making grandmaster rank, my soul count began to give me the option of buying kombat pack every week
Then, you had the opportunity of getting a gold Johnny cage, reptile or subzero from the silver pack.
I was also trying my luck on that. I was able to get 3 good fusion gold characters from the use of koins accumulated from challenges, faction wars and other tasks..
There was also an option to get console unlocks of gold characters, like injustice scorpion, Casie cage and Jacquin bringgs from the test your luck daily try.

I didn’t spend real money which the game supports [in app-purchase] to get the souls I needed to get the characters I want [No diamonds as at this time].
I had to develop a pattern. I don’t directly fuse characters, except I need the character for a challenge. I was buying kombat pack for 120souls then, my collection was getting better. Only spent on other pack like challenge pack or nertherrealm pack when there is a sale on going. In 2016, I was able to make LEGEND rank once in a month.

I was getting better, becoming a much better player thanks to the Mortal kombat Community then which was filled with a lot of helping kombantants and mods.

A time came when the community was so good I became confused on which is more important, “playing the game or staying in the community.” ???

I created my second MKM online account during the challenge event of the first ­ challenge card Jacquin Briggs which wasn’t showing for a lot of Kombantants, me included. Players were reporting to the community that if they logout into another account and log back to their main account, they could see the challenge. I was very skeptical because there were numerous complaints of kombantants loging out of their account and were unable to find their may account back. It was a risk, I had to create another mkm account, and true, the challenge appeared in my old account when I logged back in. I was so happy.
This became the norm every time there was a challenge. One would need to logout and back in.

2016 I was making legend rank very often now, 3 times in a month an average. Souls count began to increase.
When faction wars blood rubies got introduced along with faction wars characters and equipment, the game had so much to play for. diamond characters and talents joined the fold. There was an introduction of Shao Khan’s tower[pretty useless except for the talents gained], then Shao Khan’s challenge [relic hunt] which was a glorious introduction as it meant a guaranteed diamond card. But the talents brought hackers who made it difficult to win a single battle in faction wars.

Then, if you saw that name as your opponent. Its better you quit the battle. You are never winning.

that also meant the faction wars leader board became infected. Making legend was almost impossible, so I would make legend sometimes and grand master most times.

Quest mode got introduced. I decided to keep my newer account active by sending characters on a quest once in a while… Which was nice, as I could now buy packs on my new account too.

After an update, there was an hidden gem. The introduction of quest 27 “Den of thieves” 

Months later, newer characters joining was a draught.. Double challenges were now on going.

On a side note, faction wars started giving character card as rewards too.

So the sell backs were pouring in.
The faction wars got split into two. Instead of weekly, it became twice in a week.
Every week, I was earning close to 3k souls on an average[At this time, I have not discovered the loot in the quest 27]. Let me leave some screenshot evidence of how I earned these souls below.

These were randomly taken screenshot, as I wasn’t expecting my account to get banned. They do tell the soul count story well enough though.

April 4th, 2017

1913 souls, April 4th 2017

3365souls, October 11th, 2017. I spent souls earned and collected on elite packs and epic equipment pack… I spent over 15k souls between the period of April 4th and October 11th to get desired diamond cards, as they were the only cards that stood a chance against those hackers account.

To confirm my claims of having more than the 3365 souls displayed above. Here is a blood rubies count of 30,600 blood rubies. Ask any mk player, or devs. You stand a chance of earning more souls than blood rubies. As you can’t earn blood rubies anywhere else other than playing faction wars. So if I had 30k blood rubies…. You can guess it wasn’t around 3365 souls I had between the period of April to October.

4238 souls, October 15th 2017.

December 2017, my injustice 2 raiden was e7. He is the rearest card to get, for me to have him at e7 explains the hours I spent playing every day. Because only from Champion rank upwards to Legend then could get a character card as a season reward.

December 29, 2017. Klasic Mileena which is also a faction wars reward is just e1, she was released into the game around 3 months after Injustice 2 raiden. But a while later, she was made available as a challenge card.

26193 souls. 2018 January. How did I go from 4k souls to 26k souls in a matter of days? Well an hidden gem was discovered by other players in one of the quest tower. Specifically, quest 27 called “den of thieves” the catch was, the quest is a 1hr time quest, rewarded 15 souls, when it took just 10souls to skip the quest. And gave a 10% reward bar fill. When it was reported to the mods then, they came back and said it was just an hidden gem. A lot of kombantants spent more time skipping quest than playing the game which includes me. The image above was a quest reward which wasn’t supposed to happen. I reported the issue along with others, because it was a boss character card and only hacked account could have it, so it was an obvious bug for players to get it as a quest renowned reward though the card was never in a players collection. We were advised to contact support. After a while an update was introduced that fixed the goro boss reward. But the den of thieves was untouched and left as it was.

88315 souls, March 2 2018. Still on the den of thieves. Make no mistake, I was still playing challenges, online faction wars. But nothing new to buy and the quest 27 skipping was being done just for the fun of it as the souls were just a count now.

119452 souls, klasic reptile joins the frey. May 2018.

123052souls, June 2018. Yeah, the den of thieves quest was revamped. The sweet spot was finally removed.

134181, August 2018. 2 months after the above screenshot. By no means was the 11,129 souls difference the actual figure I earned in 2 months. But by this time, I have became obsessed with getting Diamond Jax Briggs. Yeah, I was the person who suggested him in the community. But his passives was supposed to be like that of Casie Cage who tags in and drains the entire team power. Souls where dumped on the elite pack and elite pack pro, to get klasic Jax Briggs. But when all I was getting after getting him to e1 were sell backs… I had to stop.

145993souls, October 2018. Day of the Dead Erron black and Day of the dead Jade got added… No thinking twice, I went about hunting for him in his soul pack even before I played his challenge. As soon as his challenge was done, I fused him and day of the dead Jade eX. His ability to drain and using special attack not costing any special was so amazing. But as soon as he became diamond…. The urge to play with him became low… As putting him in a team would attract different opponents that took longer to beat, which means faction wars point slow down, and making legend rank much more harder. So no, he was relocated to the bench and became a decoration I enjoyed having.

November 2018, When the day of the dead characters were still gold characters. Swift victory… 2minutes… No blood stains on my beautiful team.

That was the last screen shot I took before my account got banned in August 2019 after the update that brought Scarlet to MKM, my account had 200k+ before the ban. I thought contacting support will fix because they would have my souls history, because I was genuinely sure my suspension was an automated suspension probably because I had so much souls which I was refusing to spend on useless packs with Unbelievably low drop rates.

I genuinely wanted to just let this slide. I got banned after the scarlet character was introduced. Yes her picture was introduced before the update that brought her into the game.

When I got a notification I was suspended, I thought it was just an error.
I contacted mk support. But they just wouldn’t help.

I was here when.
Players got banned for buying day of the dead kitana early access pack.
I was here when hackers ramped the faction wars.
I was here when every challenge coming live on Thursdays was always a battle.
I was here when there was no update for almost 8 months.
I was here when the most integral part of the game which is the mkm community got discontinued.

I have endured so much, wrongful suspension shouldn’t drive me cold.

I pleaded with support to check my account history on how the 200k souls had came about. They wouldn’t bulge.
I decided to take this here, hopefully someone who is a gamer, someone who doesn’t entertain oversight of any kind, or ill-treatment would see me and my plea.

Help get this to those who are im charge of the MKM universe, #Netherreal #WBgames #Unreal. Your sharing this, tweeting and commenting on this might just help me get my suspended account back or at least, get whoever is in charge to at least give a reason why it was suspended indefinitely. Instead of the maybes­ “you modified game files or cheated” replies I keep getting from support both on twitter and via mail.

Like the last mail I sent this year in January, I am going to say it here too “If only I was give a chance to actually appear in front of an mkm moderator, developer. I will without mistake state how I got every item on that account. I never cheated, I never exploited any glitch in the game, because I had a lot of playing time. Please get me someone I can talk to because I am innocent of these rule-breaking accusations. Why would I cheat when I can play to win?
Starting a new account with mkm is not the issue, but the memories in that banned account hapinemz@gmail.com cannot be replaced not even if WB gives me an mkm account with maxed out items and a million souls. I want that account because everything there was duly earned and labored for.”

Thank you for reading.
You can find me and my complaints on twitter @zesushv
Help tag the head dev and also a gamer of mkm @noobde
The twitch presenter and also a gamer of mkm @tylerlansdown

Hope to see you with cheering news next update.

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