Niagara launcher, though the name sounds weird to be honest, niagara launcher is one of best launcher I have tried/used on android and trust me on that, because I have used a ton lot.

Other than its strange name, Niagara launcher has features present that are only available to the imaginative minds.


Introduction to Niagara launcher.

According to the information gotten from the niagara website/faq

Niagara has been in development [beta] since 2018, Version 1 was released on  the Google play store Feb.1.2021


Features of Niagara Launcher.

There are features on this launcher you won’t find on other launchers like extended notification,

Niagara launcher
Niagara launcher extended notification

In-app music player widget,

Niagara launcher music widget

Sorting of apps according to usage and favourite.

Also, Niagara comes with support for third party icon packs, customization of app widget and app drawer support.

App drawer

The app drawer is gesture sensitive, a swipe from any part of your home screen triggers the app drawer. Of course this feature can be turned on/off.


Gonemad Music Player Classic: Simplistic and rich.


There is a pro version for Niagara that gives extra features like adding widget inside a folder and other pecks.


Additional information.

Despite Niagara having limitation on the features you have access to as a free user, you don’t get bothered by ads. Awesome 👍


What makes Niagara launcher standout.

The first thing you notice upon installation of the launcher is the small package size.

At 4mb, Niagara is probably the lightest launcher you will find on android with so much features.

After two days of using Niagara launcher, it felt like I have been using the launcher for as long as I can remember.

Interacting with the launcher is so simple I could literally close my eyes and guessed which app I launched from my home screen.

The folder arrangement and alignment of Niagara is one that makes other launcher feel inferior.


Features I wish Niagara had [Feature Request]

Folder customisation support.
Option to set the folder background opacity level [having the option to make it transparent will be lit]

Option to set wallpaper as a folder background image. A distinctive look from the launcher wallpaper.

Niagara Data backup.
Option to backup launcher data, so I wouldn’t have to setup every phone I buy or reset data from the scratch after installing niagara launcher.

I know this review feels incomplete. And I know why, we will revisit this launcher in the future[feature]. Stay tuned.

To download Niagara launcher to your android phone, click on this link.

For more tech-news kindly follow the team on twitter, it will be amazing to hit a 1k followers on twitter before the year runs out. Allroundreview1 is just 950 followers short😁, your support counts.

Until the next one, ZesusHV here. Wishing you a blessed day ahead.

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