When you think of the things that are possible on android, there is no point arguing magic isn’t real.

Today we will be looking at the prospect and uses of floating notes. One Swipe notes [paid] and floating notes [free] will be our text [test] a.

One swipe note and Floating Note


A Note as an app or feature on android generally speaking, is used for keeping texts.

This is not definite, as some notes have the option to save pictures and even allow drawing on the notepad.

Nope, neither of the notes we will be looking at allows for drawing or adding of pictures on their notes.
But don’t get sad, one swipe and Floating notes come with some amazing features that you will love.


One Swipe and Floating Notes.

Being a floating note adds a huge advantage to how flexible and easy it is to take a note or copy a text irrespective of the activity being carried out.

Take for example you are watching a movie or playing music, boom, you have a creative thoughts that you desire to keep. A little swipe on the gesture area of one swipe or floating notes gives you access to a full note.

Or maybe you are on a page that does not allow copying of text on the webpage, a swipe is what you need, and your note is ready for use.

One swipe notes in floating action.

Guess what? You don’t have to quit what you are doing to take a Note, amazing right?

You might be wondering, ‘if one swipe and floating notes carryout similar tasks. Why include both in this discussion?’
Continue reading to findout why.

One swipe Note is a paid app with some amazing features, but on the other hand; floating notes isn’t really far behind in terms of features.
So what makes these Note apps tick?


Major highlights of One Swipe Note.

  • Option to float/draw over other apps.
  • Small package size.
  • Gesture customization.
  • Easy to configure appearance and response.
  • No ads.



  • Paid app.
  • No option to change the gesture icon.
  • Gesture positioning is fixed, no option to choose a preferred area for gesture icon.



Idea Note: Take your note anywhere.



Highlights of floating Notes.

Floating Notes

  • Option to float/draw over other apps
  • It’s free.
  • Easy to configure gesture area.
  • Numerous gesture icons to choose from.
  • Gesture icon can be moved to preferred
  • area of the screen.
  • Each note can have a different color, different icon and be positioned separately.

Multiple notes by floating Notes


Ads: Though ads are not banner ads nor do they appear in the floating note, but there are ads when you open the floating notes app itself.



When you consider the numerous features and perks you get with Floating Notes app, it almost feels like floating Notes app is the pro version of one swipe notes.

Personally, I see myself paying for the features I get with Floating Notes for free, rather than paying to get the limited features available on one swipe notes as paid.

Speaking of paying, Floating Notes has an in-app purchase option to remove ads from the app and also gives you the option to backup your notes to the cloud. Which is an icing on an already sweetened cake [color note had a shock].

What do you think of these note apps? Do you see yourself making use of a floating note, its just an unnecessary addition?

Would you like to see a full review of either of these note apps or you have seen enough? Whatever your response is, leave us a comment below or tweet us @Allroundreview1


Download links.

One swipe Notes, Floating Notes.

Until the next one, do have a wonderful day ahead.

By zesushv

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