The first developer preview build of Android 11 was released on February 19, 2020, as a factory image for supported Google Pixel smartphones. Developer Preview 2 was then released on March 18, followed by Developer Preview 3 on April 23.
On May 6, Google released an unexpected Developer Preview 4, as they pushed the whole roadmap for Android 11 forward a month, setting the date for the first beta for June 3.

The release of the first public beta was originally set to take place on June 3 at Google I/O, which was unfortunately canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Google announced that the release of the first Android 11 beta would be postponed.
Beta 1 was finally released on June 10, 2020, followed by Beta 2 on July 8. A hotfix Beta 2.5 was then released on July 22, with Beta 3 released on August 6. Stable version was then released officially on September 8, 2020

Some of the recently released Android 11 features are:
Conversations are a priority.
Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!
Built-in screen recording.
Quick access to smart devices.
Much better media controls.
Permissions no longer are forever.
{Pixel devices only} Live view Location sharing. …
{Pixel devices only} Better screenshots and text selection

The top 3 best/stable A11 custom ROMs for the OnePlus 7 pro includes

YAAP {Yet Another AOSP Project}

Neither of the above ROMs has been made official yet but they are the most stable A11 ROMs presently and they are still being worked on.


Acronym for “Yet Another AOSP Project” is being unveiled for the first time in the history of custom ROMs. There is no YAAP for previous Android versions only the recently released Android 11.

It is pure AOSP and it balances battery life and performance with all features of A11 {except for the ones specific to pixel devices only} and has minimal customization like; Status bar arrangements, vibrate for call connect and disconnect, flashlight for incoming calls, built-in fonts to select from and few others.
Below are screenshots from the ROM.


Telegram Group



This ROM has been out there for a while and it is known for its snappy and fluid performance. It used to be CAF {Code Aurora Forums} based. “CAF is a code exclusively for Qualcomm Snapdragon processors”. But since the announcement of Android 11 RevengeOS 4.0, it’s now based on AOSP {Android Open Source Project}
The noticeable difference from other AOSP custom ROMs is the gradient designs of RevengeOS.
Try it out and see for yourself


Telegram Group


The first Kanged ROM is the AOKP {Android Open Kang Project} and it’s been here since as far back as the Android 8 Oreo. The KangOS has nothing to do with the AOKP as they are both different source codes entirely also, AOKP didn’t make it past Android 9 as there was no AOKP Q custom ROM.
KangOS brings Android 11 with a minimal customisation and also more customisation features are still being added on user requests at the moment. The ROM promises a great battery life with smooth performance like the others.


Telegram Group

How to flash:

  • If coming from OOS
  • Backup everything in your internal storage
  • Backup apps and data with migrate or swiftbackup
  • Copy the ROM file, twrp, gapps, DfE {to stay decrypted} and magisk to a USB stick
  • Boot to recovery
  • Format internal storage and type yes to approve
  • Connect the USB stick to ur device
  • Flash ROM
  • Flash TWRP recovery zip
  • Reboot recovery
  • Flash gapps {for ROMs that don’t come with gapps. “In this case RevengeOS”}
    Flash magisk {if u need root}
  • Flash DfE {if you want to stay decrypted and no longer want to be formatting internal storage every time you want to change ROM}
  • Finally, you flash your migrate backup zips {if you backup with migrate}
  • Reboot to the system and enjoy your ROM


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