Fitness is one of the major ways to keep fit and ultimately stay young.

Oraimo smart watch 2 [OW16] is a gadget that promises to help you archive your goal of keeping fit and healthy by providing you with all the necessary sports and health monitoring features you require.


Unboxing images and content of the Oraimo Smart watch 2 [OW16].

The oraimo smart watch 2 [ow16] box comes with the smartwatch, manual and charging cable. The charging cable appears fragile, which is worrying if you tend to keep your things clustered.

Os16 box content.

Unbox pictures.Os16 box content. The oraimo OW16 has a screen size of 1.6inch with a 320×320 resolution. Bear in mind that this display is okay, noting exceptional. For the price this oraimo smart watch 2 was shipped for, I can hardly complain of the display quality.



Features of the oraimo smart watch 2 [OW16]

24hour Heart rate monitor.
Sleep analysis.
IP68 [tested in the rain no problems] Numerous sports mode.
App support [joywear 2] Notification alert and,
Find your phone/smartwatch support.
Menstrual circle support for women [App].
Sedentary notification.


The oraimo smart watch 2 comes in a semi plastic/rubber design. Nothing spectacular about the build quality, but the rubber/plastic build does help with lengthy wear, you can have this watch on your wrist for a long time and even forget it is there.
Plus the elegant design makes it standout in black.

Oraimo smart watch 2

No problems with sleeping with it at all. For someone who do not sleep with anything on, sleeping with the oraimo smart watch 2 did not cause any discomfort or whatsoever.


Specifications of the Oraimo smart watch 2 [OW16]

☞Screen Size: 1.69inch
☞BT Version: V5.0
☞Battery Capacity: 200mah
☞Battery Type: Lithium polymer battery.
☞Standby Time: 15days.
☞Watch Size: 43*35*9.95mm.
☞Screen Size: 33.23*28.57mm
☞Waterproof: IP68Weight165gMaterial: zinc Alloy/pc/TPU
☞IPS Color Screen
☞Upgraded Heart Rate Monitor
☞Music Controls
☞Ip68 waterproof
☞Anti-oil and finger print
☞Activity and Sleep Monitor
☞ios 9.0 or above Enable
Android 4.4 or above Enable
☞Stopwatch and Timer
☞Real-Time Notifications
☞13 training Modes.


Pricing of the oraimo smart watch 2.

As the time I ordered/received the oraimo smart watch 2, no outlet had the oraimo OW16 on sale, so I got it from the oraimo official e-shop for ₦14,900
Currently, the Oraimo smart watch 2 is being sold for ₦19,500 on Jumia.

The oraimo smart watch 2 [ow16] is one of the best fitness buddy anyone can ask for, coupled with the health features like heart rate monitor and sleep analysis.

Heart rate monitor.

Joywear 2 sleep analysis.
Oraimo smart watch 2 sleep analysis by the joywear 2.


Battery life.

Oraimo claims a 15day standby time, from my usage the oraimo smart watch 2 can last you for at least 2days of continuous usage, which is more than okay considering the watch screen size and price.

Charge Time

It takes approximately 2 hours to charge the oraimo smart watch 2 from 0% to 100%. I did notice that, as soon as I plugged the smartphone in for charging, it turned on, on its own after few minutes on charge.

Oraimo smart watch 2 charging.
Oraimo smart watch 2 charging.
Oraimo smart watch 2 connected for charging
Oraimo smart watch 2 connected for charging


Additional information.

Kindly note that, during our time of testing the oraimo watch 2 or before ordering, the blood oxygen monitor did not work. We later found out that the blood oxygen count is only available on the white variant, which is currently not being sold.

Oraimo smart watch 2

Also the band/strap are not replaceable as oraimo did not provide any spare or other strap design to choose from.

The oraimo smart watch 2 [OW16] supports different watch faces, with four pre-installed faces on the smart watch and additional 43 faces when you connect the smart watch to the oraimo joywear 2 app.

Oraimo smart watch 2 [OW16] different watch face.
OW16 watch face.


If you are in the market for a smart watch for your health and exercise needs, but not ready to shred ₦100-₦300k for the basic features, I will encourage you to consider the oraimo smart watch 2. From the long lasting battery, premium feel, water resistant ip68 certification, numerous features and its affordable pricing. You can hardly go wrong with this excellent buy.

No matter your work or activity, the oraimo watch 2 got your back.

Oraimo smart watch 2 fits for any work force.


Oraimo smart watch 2



A big thank you to my bro and boss Austin Shadrack for providing the team with his oraimo smart watch 2 for review.


As usual, follow the team on Twitter @allroundreview1 and on uhive @allroundreview.

There you have it, the full review of oraimo smart watch 2 [Ow16] until the next one. Do have a wonderful day.

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