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App Review

PalmPay: More than a payment platform.

Written by zesushv

General Description: palmpay is a payment app.
This is what you will see or read or hear concerning palmpay.

So how is PalmPay: More than a payment platform?


Down to business.

Palmpay’s reward system after payment was centered around Awoof Moni and lucky money for palmpay users.

These have changed as palmpay added more means to reward both old and new customers.

The prospect of Awoof Moni and lucky money had everything to make palmpay app the most used payment app, so why was palmpay not gaining the popularity it deserved?

>>>>>PALMPAY: Get ₦30000 Awoof Moni, Spend less on services<<<<<

Well, that is the problem with too much advertising, the product or service being advertised becomes an annoyance.


PalmPay rewards.

Lets get you acquainted with the numerous ways of earning on palmpay while making payments, referring new users or participating in simple tasks.

Palmpay Cash Spree reward.

Cash spree is like a referral programme, or similar to a rewarding programme. You have the opportunity to earn from 500naira to 2000naira for getting users to join palmpay through your unique link.

PalmPay more than a payment platform cash spree rewards

PalmPay Cash spree rewards

How can you earn 2000naira through cash spree?

To earn 2000naira from Palmpay’s cash spree, you need to invite 7 new users to palmpay. Shouldn’t be too much of a difficult task.

Note: There is a countdown time after initiating the withdrawal, and when that time elpase without you meeting the required new user invite goal, you loose your already invited users count and have to restart the invite process from scratch.

I am a benefactor of cash spree, twice, I went for 500naira both times.

Cash spree payment


Palmpay Awoof Moni Referral Reward.

This is similar to Cash spree but doesn’t need more than 1 new user to get your reward.

Unlike cash spree, for Awoof Moni, the invitee gets rewarded too, so you get the exact same amount the invitee gets. More like give to receive. If you give out 250naira, you receive 250naira.

Similar to cash spree, the person you are referring must signup through Awoof Moni link. After which the new user is required to download the PalmPay app on their device to complete the registration.

You and the new invite gets random Awoof Moni ranging from 100naira to 250naira.

Important info:

You only get rewarded after your invitee spends their Awoof Moni on airtime or data or electricity bill payments.

Awoof Moni

Awoof Moni earnings on palmpay

These are good rewards and interesting, but notice how they are just for new users, so what happens to old users?

Once you start using palmpay, you get accustomed with the amazing freebies and endless gifts in form of gems, palmpay points, coupons, group discount, and 3 free transfers daily.


Palmpay Gems Reward.

PalmPay gems

PalmPay gems exchange page.

Gems can be exchanged for coupons which can be used to reduce the cost of airtime, TV subscriptions, electricity bills and more.

You can exchange gems for a 500naira airtime coupon and get the equivalent in airtime without paying any extra, awesome right?

So how do you earn these gems?
Well it’s easy. You get rewarded with gems for making payments and transacting on palmpay.

For instance, you get 600gems for sending money to a palmpay contact, 500 gems for buying airtime, 500 gems for funding your palmpay wallet, 3000 gems for verifying your name on palmpay, all these and many more are ways you earn gems on palmpay.


Palmpay points.

PalmPay points

PalmPay points.

Like gems, points are also rewarded on transactions. But unlike coupons, points can only be used to reduce cost of payment on palmpay by 50% max.

I.e, if you have 500points, for a purchase of 100naira airtime, the cost of the airtime will be 50naira while the balance 50naira is covered by 50 points.

This is how the point system works, you cannot pay for a service or a product with  point alone, unlike coupon.


Group discount.

If you want to purchase airtime or data from platforms like banks or local vendor. You are required to pay the full amount of the airtime.

Thanks to Palmpay’s group discount, you can cut the cost down by 30%. If that is not awesome enough, each category allows you make a group discount up to 5 times weekly.

Yes I advocated for 10 times weekly, 5 times weekly is not all that bad either.

Attention: For the group purchase to be successful you need 5 persons. Not only data or airtime can be bought in group discount, you can also purchase other items like earphones and also make discounted electricity bill payments.

Group discount

PalmPay group discount


Free transfers.

For a payment app, palmpay seems to be more concerned on not taking money for payment from its users.

PalmPay can serve as your fully functional bank as palmpay is licensed by CBN, you get 3 free transfers daily to other banks, and free transfers to palmpay users any time.

Unlike most banks that charges upto 50naira for a single transfer, Palmpay’s transfer fee after free 3 transfer daily is 10naira flat.


More good news.

Palmpay does not charge maintenance fee on any of their services, whatever palmpay is offering is completely free and without extra charge.


Why you may not want to use PalmPay.

No sms alert for transaction.
Absence of atm card[for now].
Unavailability of physical payment merchant[as at the time of posting this].


So far, no regrets. Thanks to palmpay I have saved over 20,000naira on payment since I started using palmpay for my payment needs.

Signup on PalmPay today by clicking this link and be rewarded with upto 250naira when you sign up and also get 300,000naira to share with friends.

Until the next one, ZESUsHV here. Do have a wonderful day.

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