Some realities are unbelievable until you see or experience it. This logic applies to Pocketnet: No need for credentials to signup.

Question: so How do you keep your pocketnet account personal and accessible to you?

Similar to a blockchain wallet where all you get is a combination of phrases to access and backup your wallet, same method applies to Pocketnet.

Pocketnet is also accessible through a secret phrase

Pocketnet.app attempts to keep you and your data safe while allowing you to explore the world wide Web.


What is Pocketnet?

Pocket is a social media developed on the crypto blockchain.


Pocketnet operates a ‘no master, no censorship’ social media platform.

With this initiative, your activities and data are solely private and accessible only to you.

One way pocketnet is archiving this, is by generating its own currency on the crypto blockchain through its users participation on the social space.

Pkoin current value.

Pkoin is currently valued at $3.12 as reported by coingeko and gaining grounds.


Crowwe: You should be worried about your privacy.


Privacy Policy of Pocketnet.

I did search fruitlessly for privacy policy associated with the social media platform, I found none. But, there is a detailed explanation on how revenue of the pocketnet platform is shared.


No terms of use on pocketnet.

But does this mean anyone can post any content they like in their social space, unchecked?

Not really, an offensive content gets a negative score for every negative response their post get.

This way, the profile of an offender is seen less and less, for every negative vote their post gets.

Also, as a user, if you continue to attract positive interest from other users and you continue to get good votes, your ratings increase.

See the image below for illustration.

Positive ratings on a profile at pocketnet
When you desire to be free to express yourself, pocketnet is the one place you go to.


Pocketnet social media



How to signup on pocketnet:

Follow this link to signup on the platform and start your censorship-free journey to freedom of speech.

Do ensure you save your secrete phrase after you create an account.


Does pocketnet have an app?

Pocketnet.app is available on the Web, mobile and desktop platforms.



Pocketnet’s heart is in the right place, it remains to be seen if it can gain enough public attention to be an actual contender in the social space.

Don’t forget the team is on twitter dropping every tech gist hot. Until the next one, Zesushv signing you on to a great day.

By zesushv

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