No doubt, the recent revelation by xiaomi on twitter concerning the Redmi 10 series has sparked some nerves.

Judging by what we already know thanks to few leaks and this recent news, Xiaomi may actually made the Redmi 10, the Redmi note 9 plus.

So far, everything about the Redmi 10 is a build up over the Redmi note 9 that was launched last year.

This is an uncharted waters for Redmi and fans alike.

Because usually, the Redmi series upgrades over previous generations, likewise the notes series over their previous generations.

With the eminent launch of the Redmi 10 being publicised by Xiaomi, thanks to the solid hardware of the incoming Redmi 10.

A Redmi series is about to topple a note series in specification and hardware.


Redmi 10 in different colours

If you recall, the Redmi note 9 that was launched last year, had specifications like: A 48mp quad camera setup, Mediatek helio G85 chipset and a single fearing speaker.

A traditional rear fingerprint scanner completes the main specs for the Redmi Note 9.


Rumour: Redmi10 to come equipped with the newly launched Helio G88?


Fast forward to now, the Redmi 10 is launching with a 50mp main camera in a quad setup, Mediatek Helio G88 chipset and a dual stereo support speakers.

A side mounted fingerprint scanner that doubles as the power button, similar to what you get on the Redmi Note 9 pro, 9t and newly launched redmi note 10series

Also, the Redmi 10 series is introducing an upgraded refresh rate of 90hz over the traditional 60hz on the Redmi Note 9 and previous Redmi series.

Redmi 10

Also, there is an expected 6/128gb version for the Redmi 10 series.

But, when the Redmi note 9 launched last year, its max storage variant was 4/128gb.

Certain details like the pricing of the Redmi 10, the manufacturer of the 50mp lens or its quality and the exact launch date is still being kept in an encrypted chat.

Though we expect the Redmi 10 series to launch this month or early next month. We cannot be specific at this time.

But soon enough, we should know where we stand as regards to these missing details of The Redmi 10.


By zesushv

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