Redmi 11 Power 7000mah battery

It’s no news that there is no perfect device out there.

To those who may not know, Redmi is a subdivision of Xiaomi.

Redmi 11 Power Concept.

Everything here is based on a creation by zesushv who has no ties to Xiaomi or Redmi.

One of the biggest challenge in modern day smartphone, is getting a blend of power, affordability and endurance in one smartphone.

To fix this issue, I thought of Redmi[XIAOMI], a company known for its forward thinking and driving innovative ideas.

Redmi 11 Power is born out of necessity for a smartphone that is both capable of serving media needs.

But, the Redmi 11 Power or the Power┬álineup is new and isn’t associated with any Redmi or Xiaomi device lineup [yet]


Proposed Specs of The Redmi 11 Power.


Recent Xiaomi/Redmi devices have had good if not excellent displays irrespective of their price segment or target market.

An aspect Xiaomi/Redmi has left behind is the ‘big’ in their display as their smartphones have gone from 6.67 down to 6.22inch display.

But, the Redmi 11 Power concept smartphone is here to change that narrative.

The Redmi 11 concept comes with a mammoth 6.8inch FHD display to shoulder all your multimedia needs.

Redmi 11 Power Display size



I am not really a picture person, but that is not to say a good or even an amazing smartphone with a perfect camera capabilities is an abomination to me.

In this concept, I pictured the Redmi 11 with a 50mp main camera, an 8mp and 5mp camera lenses completes the triple rear camera setup.

The front camera is adorned by an 8mp lens which sits inside a dot on the lefthand corner of that beautiful 6.8inch screen.

Redmi 11 Power




One of the difficulties of today, is getting a device with a battery that can stand the test of usage.

And smartphones have became a huge part of our daily lives, driving businesses, pleasures and even relaxation.

It’s often disappointing when time that should be spent making the most of, is spent wondering when your smartphone will go off.

To deplete such inconvenience, the Redmi 11 Power is equipped with a whopping 7000mah battery and 18watts fast charge support to ensure a lasting fun time.

Redmi 11 Power 7000mah battery


Other features and build.

To round up this dream, a true media power house should have dual stereo speakers an earphone jack and a USB C charging port.

Also, the power button doubles as the fingerprint scanner.


A tech that eliminates RAM or a Merger for RAM/ROM?



An in-display fingerprint scanner may drive the price of the Redmi 11 Power too.

Hence the choice for an embedded fingerprint scanner in the power button.

Also, seeing a 6.8inch device isn’t going to have a small factor.

It is almost expected that certain actions like opening the phone book, turning on/off data and other tasks might becoming stressful.

To negate this on the Redmi 11, I proposed a dedicated shortcut key which can be customised to trigger any task or launch any app.

The shortcut key sits on the left hand side of the smartphone for easy access.

Redmi 11



If we are being realistic, this device would take Redmi at least a year or more to make.

Hopefully a lot of countries including Nigeria would have gone at least a mile forward in making 5G access a reality.

The perfect chipset for the Redmi 11 Power is the SD480 5G chipset, thanks to its affordable price tag and good specification.


Full specification of The Redmi 11 Power concept.

  • 6.8inch display.
  • 7000mah battery [18watts fast charge]
  • SD 480 5G chipset.
  • Dual stereo speakers.
  • 3.5mm earphone jack.
  • Dual SIM support.
  • Infrared blaster
  • Micro sd card support.
  • 4/64, 6/128, 8/256 storage variants.
  • Corning gorilla glass 5 front.
  • Plastic frame and back.



The Redmi 11 Power is no doubt a dream phone for a lot of smartphone users,

But how realistic is it to see The Redmi 11 Power in real life?

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section, or chat us up on twitter @Allroundreview1

Until the next one, Zesushv here saying, have a wonderful weekend.

By zesushv

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