There have been over a hundred leaks and rumours regarding the redmi 9 and its launch date.

From April to May and now a new leak suggests the redmi 9 will launch mid-June, not only that but there will be an additional variation to the redmi 9 family which is rumoured to come with NFC support.
If this turns out to be true, it will not only be the first xiaomi device to spot NFC in this price range but also the first android device in this price segment to house an NFC in the world of Smartphones.
If xiaomi manages to pull this off, every smartphone company will have an uphill task if they ever try to topple the redmi 9.
The leak of this new addition to the redmi 9 series was shared on twitter by @Sudhanshu1414

The image above shows the different names and specifications of the 3 rumoured variants of the redmi 9 series.
Seeing the redmi 9 series are always the budgeted lowend devices from xiaomi/redmi it’s amazing to see them comping with flagship specs.
Two major features that will be present in this year’s Redmi 9 series will be FHD screen resolution and NFC.
These features won’t be available in one variant as disclosed in the image above. Notwithstanding, it’s a welcome feature to see in the redmi 9 series.

Redmi 9ARedmi 9C Redmi 9
Screen size and resolution.
6.5inch Hd.
6.5inch, Hd resolution. 6.5inch, FHD resolution.
Chipset. Helio G25Helio G35Helio G70
Storage option.
13mp back/5mp front.
13+5mp back/5mp front. With NFC.
13+5+2mp back/5mp front. No NFC
13+8+5+2mp back/5mp front.

With the possible differences of the various redmi 9 series out of the way thanks to the table above. There are few similarities expected. The above devices will have a 5020mah battery, USB c charging port and support for 18watts fast charge. But like the previous redmi 8 series, don’t expect the box to have the 18watts charger in it. To reaffirm certain details. The redmi 9A is the base variant, followed by the Redmi 9C which is proposed to have 2 separate models. One comes with NFC support but a dual-camera setup, the other has a triple camera setup but without NFC. It’s quite obvious xiaomi is trying to have a more confused choice for buyers just like they did with the Redmi 8A and 8A dual, only this time the four different variants are launching simultaneously. The only difference between Redmi 8A and 8A dual was an extra camera on the back of the 8A dual. But for the Redmi 9C, its one camera more and NFC.

Coming to the chipset aspect, other than the Redmi 9 rumoured chipset which is mtk helio G70, a chipset found on the realme C3 and Infinix note 7. The helio G25 and G35 found on the Redmi 9A and Redmi 9C are newcomers. As at the time of posting this, ┬áthere is no information from MTK concerning these chipsets. I suspect it’s the names of these chipset that are new, not their actual configuration in terms of performance, in fact, they are same mtk helio p25 and p35 chipsets which has been in existence for over a year now. Though the Gseries from mtk are Mobile gaming concentrated which the Pseries are not. If the “rebranding” guess turns out to be disappointingly true, then it’s fair to say the redmi 9 series will be meeting a cold crowd whom will be highly disappointed at the drag back from xiaomi. Let’s not be in haste to conclude yet though, we might have some lowend segment busters already in our sights. Oh before I turn the page, all three devices are expected to come with xiaomi signature IR blasters; so yes. The low spenders are not neglected in that regards too like was seen on the Redmi 8 series.
Please note, these are neither official specs from xiaomi nor is the launch date anymore assured than the previous months which never saw the Redmi 9 series. So do take this information like a promised 10billion dollar from your ex.
Until the next one, zesushv signing you on. Stay safe, stay blessed.

By zesushv

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