Redmi Note 11

There maybe more interested persons in the Redmi Note 11 than the iPhone 13 Pro max.

The main reason is because Redmi[sub-Xiaomi] brand is known for pushing affordable devices with amazing specs.

The latest report from Xiaomi on weibo has finally brought the fray of rumours we have been seeing concerning the Redmi Note 11 to rest.

According to a weibo Post via[androidauthority], the successor to the Redmi Note 10 that launched this year, the Redmi Note 11 will be getting an unveiling come October 28th, 2021.

The shared images of the Redmi Note 11 gives a out few specs of the incoming Note 11 like quad rear cameras, dual jbl speakers, presence of a 3.5m earphone and a dot front facing camera.

Redmi Note 11

Other specs like battery, screen size, camera MP size, ram/ROM variants, pricing and fast charge Watts support, is still unknown at the moment.

Note 11


Rumour: Redmi10 to come equipped with the newly launched Helio G88?



Allroundreview prediction of the Redmi Note 11.

We are expecting the Redmi Note 11 to launch with the Mediatek G96 chipset, this is because there are already speculations that the Redmi Note 11 pro and pro+ will be launching with Mediatek Dimensity 810 and 920 respectively.

Since there is a higher chance the Redmi Note 11 won’t be launching with 5G connectivity, we expect this device to be priced below the $200 mark similar to the Redmi Note 10.

What do you think? Do you agree with allroundreview predicted chipset and the pricing of the Redmi Note 11?


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