The idea of a materialistic design or wallpaper came into android in the early days of android 5 or what is better known as android lollipop.

One app has made it possible to have a self-generating material wallpaper app on your phone for your wallpaper needs, without Internet connection, that app is Tapet.


Introduction to Tapet.

Tapet was launched in 2014, I have been using it for over 3years as my main source of material wallpaper. With a package size of less than 20mb, you can’t go wrong with this self-generating material wallpaper app.

Tapet last update was in 2020, and I did talk with the dev of the app if he had abandoned the Tapet project, the dev reaffirmed that he was planning a complete overhaul of the app sometime soon.


Features of Tapet.


Tapet offers amazing features that allows you breath your desires to live on your homescreen.

Tapet Pattern switch: You can with the swipe of your finger switch the existing pattern to a different one.

Tapet pattern lock: you can choose to switch other aspect of the design but keep the pattern the same.

Tapet pattern lock

Colour switch: You can choose to switch the colour of the wallpaper by swiping up

Colour lock: You can choose to lock the colour but switch other aspect of the wallpaper.


Niagara: Weird name, Awesome android launcher.


Colour pallet editing: You can design your preferred colour options and have the rendering patterns follow your colour of choice.

Tapet colour editing

Pattern frequency: You can also choose how frequent a particular design comes up in a random search or completely turn the pattern off.

Pattern interval switch: you have the option of having different wallpaper on your screen during different times or activities.

No need for Internet connection: With Tapet material design wallpaper, you do not have to worry about Internet connection before switching your home screen wallpaper to a different one.

Wallpaper saving: you can also opt to save your generated wallpaper for external use.

Saving Tapet wallpaper.

Demerits of Tapet.

There is one error that seems to be affecting everyone including me, the interval switching of wallpaper when adjusted from 1hour to below or higher completely stops the wallpaper from switching automatically.

This is the only error I have noticed with tapet.



At just 11mb.
No need for Internet connection.
Endless material wallpaper designs to choose from.
Customizable patterns and colour options to choose from.
No ads or intrusive obstacles, there is a premium option if you want access to more designs and patterns.



If you desire an homescreen that represents your choice of colours and imagination, Tapet self-generating wallpaper app is the answer to your silent prayers.

Click on this link to download the app  on your android phone.

Until the next one, you are requested to follow the team on twitter, we have some information for show you 😊.

By zesushv

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