Top 5 crypto Miners/Airdrop: Earn cryptocurrencies without spending a dollar.

One of the biggest challenges in the cryptoworld like every other business is finance. One way crypto is attempting to fix this issue is encouraging mining [cloud and airdrop as regards to this post].

Today, we will be taking a closer look at the Top 5 crypto Miners/Airdrop: and how to Become a thousand richer in cryptocoins with the use of your smartphone.



Allroundreview and/or its affiliate or brand/trademark or its establishment are not directly or indirectly linked to any of the platforms mentioned here or their admins or creators.

This is not a paid post, nor is it a public aid. Allroundreview or its publisher[s] may receive a token or reward when you use any of the provided links to these platforms or their registration domain.


Lets touch the basics:

What is Crypto?

Primal “Cryptocurrencies are new form of digital money that are maintained and secured by a community, instead of governments or banks”



The Top 5 crypto Miners/Airdrop that will be discussed here have been tested to actually reward your genuine contribution [read their terms and conditions if you are unsure] and do not harm your device in anyway as they are cloud based or airdrop reward.

You do not need to be a professional to use any of the platforms being discussed here.


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The crypto reward.

The cryptocurrencies you will be generating from each of these platforms are as follows.

BTC [bitcoin market value $40k – 48k]

LTC [Litecoin value $184 – $357]

HVE2 [Uhive token value $0.0019 – $0.0039]

NXT [Netbox coin value $0.04 – $0.07]

MNDS [Minds in-app value $1.0019 – $1.7]


These platforms have two major means of rewarding their users. 

1. Mining

2. Airdrop



Mining as related to cryptocurrencies is a process that is engineered at harvesting/generating a specific cryptocurrency from the cloud digitally.



This is similar to mining, but you get a specific reward from the platform sponsoring the airdrop for performing or completing tasks, you do not generate the crypto yourself.


Top 5 crypto Miners/Airdrop.



CryptoTab Browser is a an app that let’s you access the Web and also give you a one click connect to the btc blockchain mainet.

This Browser already has an established link to Bitcoin mainet, where it generates BTC based on its mining power.

You are required to click the mining button every two hours to restart the mining process. The default mining speed when you signup can roughly fetch you 0.00001btc weekly, which is the minimum withdrawal.


Use this link to download and register for cryptotabbrowser to start earning btc.


Litecoin Miner.

Ltc miner is a cloud based platform accessible on the Web. You don’t need an app for this. However you need to provide an ltc address for you to start mining ltc. The minimum withdrawal is 0.000055ltc and you can achieve this in 24hours. homepage

No need to restart the miner, as soon as you insert your ltc address on ltcminer, the mining has started and its forever mining into your account. Register to start mining ltc to your wallet through this link.



Uhive Social.


Uhive is a social media platform that generates its own money within the app. Uhive’s aim is to make the rewarding process less one sided, Uhive splits their generated revenue amongst their users.

Uhive token and home page

Depending on how active you are on Uhive. You get rewarded for your participation and contribution on the platform.

When you signup through this link you get 100 Uhive tokens. You also get unlimited airdrops of Uhive token daily for your contribution.

Minimum withdrawal of Uhive token is 20,000 tokens and will be withdrawable Dec. 1st. 2021.



Netbox Browser.

Netbox browser logo

Netbox browser is a browser that is generating its cryptocurrency based on users on their mainnet. The generated income is then split between netbox and the miner [the person who uses netbox browser]

The amount of netbox coin[NXT] you receive is based on your usage of the browser daily.

Netbox wallet balance.

Download Netbox browser and create your netbox wallet through this link to start earning for surfing the Web.




Minds logo

Minds a social community where users are welcome to share and subscribe to people of similar interests.

[mnd] is generated based on the activities of the community and then shared according to individuals contribution on the platform.

Minds home page

To join Minds and start earning mnds daily, click this link.


On that note, we bring this informative discussion to a close. We have review some of these platforms in the past, but we would like to discuss more on these platforms individually. If you would want to see such elaborate review, kindly leave us a comment on twitter @Allroundreview1

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