Twitter Ban: How to access twitter; Nigeria Gov. Advocating for China’s Great firewall.


Lets discuss what led to the whole twitter ban fiasco in Nigeria.

The Nigeria government under president Mohammadu Buhari banned twitter two days ago [4th-June-2021].

The ban came after the President’s tweet was deemed by twitter to be harmful and genocidal.

A work around Mbuhari's ban on twitter


President Buhari’s tweet got deleted by twitter, following the disciplinary action by twitter.

Buhari led administration decided to reply with a complete ban on the social media platform in Nigeria.


Good news first:

We will be discussing on one reliable method that could temporarily allow you gain access to for the time being and that is through the use of Virtual Proxy Networks [VPN].


Virtual Proxy Network. [VPN]

VPNs operates in a semi-isp way were they virtually generate their own network path for Internet service access but relying on your primary network service from a cellular network.

Personally these are few VPNs we have tested. Vpn pro was free and we did post about it on our twitter page.

Sadly vpn pro which was once free is now paid.

Other free vpn apps like windscribe, turbo and thurder vpn have in app-ads or require in-app purchases, but they do get the job done.

Do note that all of the vpn above do not require configuration as they are a install-and use app.


Twitter Tweet Schedule: Tweet to the future.


For now VPN are the only means of accessing twitter in Nigeria, while we work with relevant systems to keep you updated on this unfortunate situation as it unfolds.

The Nigeria economy is also suffering as multiple sources have reported a huge blow to the Nigeria economy since the ban on twitter.

Nigeria economy doing badly after twitter ban.


Bad news:

Don’t get too comfortable with the vpn idea yet.

Because the team gathered from a reliable source that the Nigerian government is working with China to restrict the access of Nigerians on social media.

The government of Mbuhari’s administration plans on archiving this through a similar method akin to China’s Great firewall.

Also, the Nigeria governments aim is to blacklist certain social media platforms completely.

Also, this firewall will restrict Nigerians use of specific words and ability to comment certain on topics online.

And sadly, if the Nigeria government succeeds in acquiring China Great firewall, not even a VPN can break such prison wall Nigerians will be forced to live in.

As a Nigerian, I feel for my fellow country people. May the Lord help us all.

By zesushv

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