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For the people who are still yawning for iPhone 11 pro max, or probably you want to experience that superiority feeling of apple class, you might want to wait a little longer because this September the new Apple’s iPhone 12 series will be unveiled.

Yeah, exactly… you heard me right.

Though there are reports that suggest the launching might push beyond the traditional Apple’s September slot, it maybe even 2021 before its release. It rain everywhere, we all know that, and the guilty one that has been wreaking havoc on businesses is deadly Covid-19.

While “iPhone lovers” await the date iPhone 12 series will be launched, Following are some unique features to expect from the New iPhone 12 series.

 Cameras Design

PhoneArena has posted concept illustrations showing an iPhone with four camera lenses on the rear with flash light placed at the centre.

Four camera lenses? This is crazy, you would agree with me.

Although the fourth lenses is reportedly a Lidar, in case you wonder what Lidar is, it is a time of flight sensor. That is, it measure the time it take to bounce object, creating a 3D map of what the camera sees.


Even before the launch of iPhone 11 series, Android phone manufacturers have been offering 5G network. Disappointingly Apple is behind the curve in that arena.

However, there will be a breakthrough in that department by second half of 2020 since the legal battle between Apple and its modem supplier (Qualcomm) has been resolved. The 5G network is expected to come with the New iPhone 12 series later this year.

3D Camera

Apple’s iPhone 11 series also come with 3D cameras, ¬†you may think this is not new or a flagship feature of a

Sorry, you may be wrong though!

Bloomberg reckons that the Apple’s iPhone 12 series Camera will be transformatively more powerful: it will have a range of around 15 feet, the site predicts, compared to just 25-50cm on the iPhone X series and 11. It will be used to scan the environment, meanwhile current 3D scanning is deployed on the user’s face.

A14 Processor

The ‘A14’ is clocked above 3GHz – the first of Apple’s A-family chips to achieve this – and despite having fewer cores than the A12X (6 rather than 8) it rates higher throughout the CPU tests.

That simply means , it’s going to be super fast.


If you have noticed current iPhone series like; iPhone SE (2020), it has only 3GB RAM compared to the 4GB in all the other A13 phones, caused such a significant reduction in benchmark speed that people thought it had been underclocked.

For this reason it’s pleasing to see the inclusion of a really solid 6GB of RAM in this year’s Pro models. The non-Pro models, however, have to settle for 4GB.


If you are not a newbie to iPhone, you’d already know that 64GB is the least you will get from non pro series.

But guess what!!!

The minimum you would get from this new iPhone 12 series is 128GB. And up to 512GB for the pro max. Isn’t that amazing?

Screen sizes and Resolution

According to a deleted tweet by DisplaySearch founder, Ross Young, the new iPhone 12 series will have much sharper screen.

As calculated by Macworld using CalculatorSoup, here are how the screen are going to shape if DisplaySearch  boss is right.

VariantsScreen Size and Resolution
iPhone 125.4", 2340x1080, 477ppi
iphone 12 Max6.1", 2532x1170, 457ppi
iphone 12 Pro6.1", 2532x1170, 457ppi
iphone 12 Poro Max6.7", 2778x1284, 457ppi


It may be difficult or misleading to determined the price of a product that has not been launched especially when the official source has not make it public. However, there were predictions that the new iPhone 12 price may start around $650 and the most expensive one (probably pro max) may go for about $1400.

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1 year ago

I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!


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