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Watchface: How to setup a watchface on a smartphone.

Written by zesushv

Wallpaper is one of the many ways to beautifully distinguish your device from others, and there are very few apps that can help you archive that; We will be discussing How to setup a watchface as a smartphone wallpaper with the help of Background HD by OGQ.

OGQ background HD logo

Alert: The clock/timepiece on any of the watchface when set on your device as a live wallpaper are actually live, yes they tell time accurately according to your phone’s time.

Say bye bye to boring time widgets, because you now have amazing watchfaces to choose from.

Watchface live wallpaper.


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Setting up a watchface as a wallpaper on your smartphone.

Download OGQ background HD here.
Open the app, create an account with your Google mail or Facebook. Locate a watchface you like [please note, certain watch faces are paid. Check our twitter page for more free watch faces] then refer to the gif below to set it as your wallpaper.

How to setup a watchface on a smartphone

Additional information.

If you forcestop OGQ or OGQ gets killed from the background process, the live watchface wallpaper will stop working.

Your phone looks brand new right? I know.

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