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World Clock Widget: Keep the world at all Times.

Written by zesushv

Imagine missing a golden opportunity to meet the awesome team of Mi Mods and fans alike on a zoom call? I can confidently tell you, you are never going to feel the same again, because I don’t.


The major factor to blame for this was time difference.

While I was waiting and expecting the meeting to hold, I didn’t know it was already over. In my mind, there was already a miscalculation. An unfortunate disappointment that could have been avoided if I had a clock showing me all the details I needed instead of having to guess or Google a wrong preference.

Well, that was the back story behind this awesome discovery.

Like it’s wisely said “Necessity is the mother of invention” in my case, “Necessity is the hunger for discovery”.

Welcome to my review of the WORLD CLOCK 2020 WIDGET.

The naming of the app says it all. World clock widget [WCW] is a useful app to have in a phone.

The Internet has done more than just connect friends, it’s now a major connection for work, family, love and pleasure between countries.
There are certain limitations like time difference you tend to face when interacting with someone outside your country/continent.
World clock widget helps to eradicate that by bringing the timing of the world into your smartphone.

With World clock widget, you can expect to be present as at when needed.

World clock widget requires Internet connection to add a new time zone.

Though the widget does not require Internet to work, world clock widget app requires Internet service to add a new country every time, no exception.

When you search for a country like America with states having different time zones, the app also intelligently asks you to pick your preferred time zone and state to avoid missing an important meeting like I did

There are two major clock appearance for world clock Widget; They are Analog and Digital clock faces.

I prefer the digital watch faces, since neither the digital nor the analog watch faces have a second hand [which would have been really nice to have].

World clock widget footprint on battery/ram.
I have not noticed or experience any drastic battery drain or my device slowing down during the use of this app for over 8days now.

There is an option to set time to a 13hour or 12hour on the clock clock.

There are two different clock options; Analog and Digital… nice.

There is also an option to customise the name that will appear on the widget when on display.

There are certain customization options which are free, like background customization and preset theme change.


World clock widget despite having ads within the app still locks certain features which as you well know is very annoying to say the least.

SIDE Note:
Before I updated my device to the latest May security patch, something told me to Uninstall world clock widget. I did not not argue, I backed up world clock widget with zipper and uninstalled the app.

After updating my smartphone to May security patch, world clock widget backed up apk refused to install. Had to install the app again from playstore. Strange and weird since the same apk I backed up is the same version I installed from play store so why didn’t it work?

Well, I am out of guesses, do let us know what you think in the comment below.

The world clock widget is a very essential app to have on phone and no smartphone on the Internet should be without such an awesome app.
Other than ads and the few restrictions placed on a free user, world clock widget 2020 has no rival in its app department.


To download WORLD CLOCK WIDGET 2020 APP, click the link below.


That is it from us here, until the next one, yours Zesushv signing you to a blessed day.

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