Few months ago we saw Elon Musk Tesla electric vehicle manufacturing company made an announcement of accepting cryptocurrencies as payments for its products and services.

News emerging from Europe precisely Portugal via bolnews is that Xiaomi has beaten Samsung and Apple to become the first smartphone manufacturer to receive payments for its numerous devices in crypto currency.


The main cryptocurrencies that is being accepted by the Xiaomi Portugal stores is bitcoin, Ethereum and dash.

This move by Xiaomi is a no brainer but if the numbers and advancement of crypto was to be adopted, we weren’t expecting xiaomi to be the first benefactor of the vast crypto economy.

Seeing that Samsung themselves had taken a step in 2019 towards accepting digital currency for its services in 2019 by creating a digital wallet.

Nonetheless, this is surely going to solidify xiaomi’s position in the smartphone and electronic industry and possibly booster their sales in future.

To help facilitate the new payment option of cryptocurrency, xiaomi has partnered with Swiss payment firm Utrust, a company well known in the digital currency field.

Utrust is a cryptocurrency based payment platform that is providing services to 100s of businesses in 180+ countries across nearly every industry.

Utrust also support more than 30 currencies worldwide (+90% of world’s GDP).



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Utrust also have their own cryptocurrency [UTK] on the blockchain which will also be accepted by the xiaomi-store in Portugal as a means of payment.

Thanks to Portugal’s crypto-law and tax friendliness which has given Xiaomi the much needed boost to try out cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Pedro Maia, head of marketing at Mi Store Portugal had this to say regarding the new development:

“We are a technological, innovative and disruptive brand. That’s why we always want to be one step ahead.”

“We[XIAOMI] want to give the possibility to all true technology fans to buy their favorite gadgets with what is currently “the most technological money.” – bolnews.

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